101 things in 1001 days

To celebrate the beginning of my new life in style, I finally took the plunge and created my own 101 things in 1001 days list. I first saw it on Mackenzie's blog, and I was instantly drawn to the idea. Very often I find myself musing over things I'd want to do or try, but for whatever reason, I rarely take the plunge. And since I love myself a great challenge, this is the perfect opportunity to test my will and accomplish some of the things I've been dreaming of for ages.   

This is definitely not my ordinary to do list. These are the things I'd love to do one day, but which get sidetracked over and over again because there are things I have to do. So from now on, I'm going to make myself accountable for making my life even more beautiful, more special and more fulfilled. I hope you'll stick with me and maybe create and share your very own list!

1. Redesign my blog to make it reflect my style. October 2012
2. Define and refine my style in fashion and home decor.
3. Build Macarons and Pearls into a lifestyle brand.
4. Write a cookbook.
5. Learn to bake the perfect macaron and experiment more with flavors and colors.
6. Attend New York fashion week.
7. Attend Paris fashion week.
8. Attend IFB conference in New York.
9. Refresh my sewing skills.
10. Take A Beautiful Mess' Dream Job e-course. June 2013
11. Visit Provence.
12. Take a home decor class / e-course.
13. Visit Amalfi Coast.
14. Start my own business. May 2013
15. Write for an online magazine.
16. Take a sushi making class. March 2013 - turns out it wasn't necessary to take a class: I learned the how-to from a friend in Paris!
17. Take a flower arranging class.
18. Learn to speak Italian.
19. Learn the food photography.
20. Design my business cards and get them made. May 2013
21. See Maroon 5 in concert.
22. Read all Jane Austen novels. (0/6): Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion
23. Visit Prague.
24. Read at least 10 inspiring biographies of people I admire: Audrey Hepburn, Steve Jobs, Grace Kelly,
25. Learn to play tennis.
26. See Pink in concert.
27. Watch at least 10 Audrey Hepburn movies (3/10). Roman Holiday, Sabrina, Breakfast at Tiffany's, How to steal a million, My fair lady, Paris when it sizzles, Two for the road, Charade, The Nun's Story, Funny Face, Love in the Afternoon, War and Peace, Monte Carlo Baby.
28. Learn to make the perfect homemade jam. Summer 2013
29. Come up with a perfect workout routine and stick to it five times a week.
30. Donate blood.
31. Visit London with my mom. December 2013
32. See Adele in concert.
33. Take a business class / e-course.
34. Reread all the Harry Potter books (5/7).
35. Host a Harry Potter movie marathon.
36. Take a pâtisserie course in Paris.
37. Move back to Paris, at least for 6 months.
38. See at least 10 Woody Allen movies. Midnight in Paris, Blue Jasmine, To Rome with love, Paris Manhattan, Vicki Cristina Barcelona, Whatever Works, Scoop, Match Point, You will meet a tall dark stranger, Cassandra's Dream, Hollywood Ending, Annie Hall, Manhattan
39. Grow sunflowers in our garden. Summer 2013
40. Have a vanity in my bedroom, and build a perfume collection.
41. Swim in the ocean.
42. Learn to say "Hello" in 50 different languages. (4/50)
43. Visit Los Angeles and San Francisco.
44. Start swimming regularly again. September 2013
45. Taste 10 new-to-me kinds of cheese.  (1/10) gorgonzola,
46. Buy a classic Chanel handbag.
47. Learn to make cocktails.
48. Come up with my own signature cocktail.
49. Find the perfect shade of red and pink lipstick.
50. See Vienna and / or London philharmonic orchestra live.
51. Buy new iPad.
52. Listen to every Chopin's piece.
53. Learn to dance tango.
54. Visit Cinecittá in Rome.
55. Donate clothes and books to an orphanage. 
56. Try oysters and champagne together.
57. Connect with at least 10 blog friends in person. (0/10)
58. Find five personal inspirational quotes and work them into pieces of art. (0/5)
59. Go on a winery tour.
60. Make an iTunes playlist of my 101 favorite songs.
61. Build a snowman.
62. Read one book in a day, without leaving my bed. June 2013, Beatriz Williams' Overseas
63. Read biographies of French queens by Simone Bertiere. (6/6) December 2013
64. Redesign my home office.
65. Build an gallery wall from prints purchased on Etsy.
66. Spend a night in a luxurious hotel.
67. Go to dinner and movies all by myself.
68. See ten movies that have been sitting in my computer for months. (1/10) Midnight in Paris,
69. Bake an ombré layered cake.
70. Learn to make a recipe from 30 different countries. (0/30)
71. Re-read The Hunger Games books. (0/3)
72. Make a list of 101 things that make me happy.
73. Start blogger interviews on Macarons and Pearls. October 2012
74. Feed my building savings account every year. (1/3)
75. Buy at least one ridiculously expensive beauty product I've been lusting after. October 2013, Clarisonic
76. Return to New York.
77. Take an art history class / course.
78. Learn to make the perfect pizza crust.
79. Build a collection of Penguin Classics cloth bound books.
80. Perfect my daily beauty routine.
81.Watch all seasons of five TV shows I've never seen before. Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Homeland, Vampire Diaries, White Collar (1/5)
82. Visit Paris on my own, and tick off every single item on my "to do, to visit, to taste in Paris" list.
83. Learn to make homemade pasta.
84. Get a map of the world and stick pins to places I've visited.
85. Develop my perfect morning 5-minute makeup. Summer 2013 (it actually takes 10 minutes: a girl must have her standards, right?)
86. Join a blogger network.
87. Read at least 10 business-related books.
88. Create video content for my blog.
89. Make 50 things off of Pinterest. (0/50)
90. Make all the recipes from one cookbook.
91. Spend an afternoon reading in the park.
92. Grow a herb garden.
93.Travel to a foreign country all by myself.
94. Collaborate with at least three brands from my dream list.
95. Take a course in order to improve my writing skills.
96. Visit Loire valley and its chateaux.
97. Get my own place (no matter whether bought or rented).
98. Make a photobook with photos from my blog.
99. Visit Monet's house in Giverny.
100. Buy myself a piece of jewelry from Tiffany's for my 30th birthday.
101. Save 10€ for each goal accomplished.


  1. Such an amazing list, I'll definitely be cheering you with all these amazing goals! I'm sure you can make through them all ;) ♥

  2. Awsome! I've my Bucket List as well and have recently decided to just basically go out there and start living it. So happy to be crossing some NYC based points off my list so so soon! :)

    As for your points:

    99. Where do I sign on the guest list?
    78. Not sure which kind of crust you're going for, but I can send you an amazing recipe.
    73. You already have your Brunch column, congrats!
    36. I've a pâtisserie course on mine as well, though wasn't necessarily thinking about doing it in Paris. What do you say we plan something together? :)
    35. See: 99.
    32. Where do I send the address?
    29. Check out BodyRock.tv - awsome community, awsome workouts, awsome results

    Love from Warsaw!


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