Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March editorial letter

Happy first of March, guys! Accidentally, has anyone of you seen February? I think I may have misplaced mine. How was your February, anyway?

I have a kind of bittersweet relationship with March: I love it because it's the first month of spring. The days are slowly growing longer, we get to see the sunshine again, and there's a promise of a new beginning hanging in the air (you may have noticed that I really do love my new beginnings :)
But March also means that the tax season is upon us, and by the end of this month, I (and pretty much any entrepreneur in my vicinity) will be pulling my hair and crying bloody tears, once I see the sum I'll have to pay.

But never mind that - it's just part of the deal and I'll have to power through it. Let's focus on those new beginnings instead, shall we?

I have returned home from my little spa getaway with clear mind, rested body and a renewed sense of energy. Thanks to this book, I have come to realize that I'm the only person responsible for my state of mind: I can't change my circumstances and I can't change the actions of people around me. I can only change the way I react to them. No one can drag me down if I don't let them. I know it's not always possible to keep this positive outlook 24/7, but I'm at least willing to give it a try. And if everything else fails, I can always book another jacuzzi session!

While away, I also spent a great deal of time just thinking and writing: two activities that tend to bring me the sense of clarity. And that is something I have been craving a lot lately. I want to make them both a bigger part of my morning routine (in fact, I'm writing this editorial letter while the city is still asleep, with just a cup of coffee and my thoughts to keep me company). Since my days tend to be so fast-paced and action-packed, I'd love to be able to outline and draft my blog posts before setting off for the office. It's much much harder to focus my thoughts once I get into the thick of things! I'll let you know how it goes.

As far as my March editorial calendar goes, I'm really excited about all the topics I want to share and write about. Most importantly, I want to continue my apartment renovation series - you guys have been so kind and supportive, that I now feel much more confident to share the work in progress and my (almost) finished place. More ugly pictures to come :) but also some pretty, and hopefully inspiring ones.

Later this week, I'm also going to share the lessons I learned during my spa getaway: a lot of soul-searching has been going on around lately and I would love to get your point of view on some of it.  As you're reading this, I'm compiling my reading list for March, as well as my spring bucket list (because, hello, spring is just around the corner and I couldn't be more excited!) and I'll also be talking some more about building my healthy habits

Easter has never been one of my favorite holidays, and I'm kind of skipping the festivities altogether this year, in favor of a short ski trip to Austria. I may not thus post any dedicated Easter stuff this month, but since lately I've been making a conscious effort to spend more time trying new recipes in my kitchen, I'd love to start shooting and writing food posts again. I just need to get my photography game together, but I'm really excited about that!

All in all (tax season excluded), I hope that March will be a calmer and more serene month for me, and that I'll be able to dedicate much more time and energy to this blog, and to you, my lovely friends. I'll work really hard on that :) In the meantime, have the most amazing start to the new month, and see you around here for a lot of fun stuff!

xo Ivana

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