Monday, February 8, 2016

Recipe roundup: Beet the inspiration

Please excuse the pun in the title of this post - I couldn't resist :) Upping my beet game has been on my to do list for quite some time and I've finally got around to rounding up some of the most inspiring recipes to try. Beet is one of those vegetables that I really hated as a kid, but one I've came to really appreciate as an adult. I know that its rich, earthy taste is rather specific, and it doesn't have to suit everyone, but I personally enjoy it, and now that the beets are in season, I'm planning to take full advantage of their vibrant color and health benefits.

I usually cook a bunch of them in water, peel and store them in the fridge, and then throw them in whatever salad or power bowl I'm currently putting together. I even tried a beet smoothie, and it was an interesting experience - definitely something to do again! But I'd love to become a little bit more adventurous: I'm really tempted by a beet soup with coconut milk (it sounds like a pretty exotic combo to me), the beet & feta tart looks absolutely heavenly, and the veggie burger with beets sounds like the perfect lunch to bring to the office with me. But what draws me in the most are the beet ravioli: mastering the homemade pasta is currently on top of my wish list and these deep red dumplings are as beautiful as ever.

Now it's your turn to tell me: do you have a favorite way to prepare beets? Do you even like them? I would love to know!

Happy Monday, guys!

via Sugat et al.
Beet & feta tart (via Sugar et al.)

via The Pretty Blog
Beet soup (via The Pretty Blog)

via The Awesome Green
The ultimate veggie burger (via The Awesome Green)

via Pure Vegetarian
Beet dumplings (via Pure Vegetarian)

via Emilie Murmure
Beet, apple & coconut milk soup (via Emilie Murmure)

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