Monday, February 29, 2016

February chic list

Well, hello there guys! How have you been lately?

Please, excuse the radio silence around here lately, but my latest home renovation project, and the workweek that followed, have taken their toll on my morale, and I just needed to get away from it all. And by getting away, I mean literally packing my suitcase, clocking off early on Thursday and escaping to my home away from home, aka my favorite spa. I booked my weekend there on a whim (however, I've been talking about doing just that for weeks on end, so the time has come to quit talking, and start doing). It was also the first time I went on a wellness weekend all by myself, and it was the single best thing I could have done for myself. I'll be talking more about my quick séjour, and the lessons I learned there later this week, but today, I'm here with one of my favorite series  (if not the most favorite): the list of things that made me happy this past month. Beware, this month it has been all about quality, rather than quantity. I was:

Eating one of the best lunches of my entire life. Seriously, guys, it was epic. While in spa, I ventured into one of the new restaurants there, and quickly found myself in a culinary heaven. The homemade profiteroles with a selection of patés were followed by the single best marinated and grilled magret de canard I've ever tasted. It was accompanied by the red cabbage and cinnamon purée, which may sound quite unusual, but it was a really harmonious experience for my tastebuds. I topped it off with the coffee & Baileys panna cotta, that can be only described only as pure heaven. I mean, my mouth is literally salivating while I'm typing this, so you get the picture. It should also be noted that I was too busy enjoying this unique experience to even think about pulling out my phone and instagramming the whole thing. That really says a lot!

Listening to Robin Schulz's Show me love. I can't even explain this to myself: this is kind of unusual since electronic music and various DJ's du jour aren't usually my jam. But without overanalyzing it, this song has something that really speaks to me right now, and it's been on repeat pretty much non-stop (and it's the song currently waking me up in the morning!)

Reading The monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma. When I go on vacations, I usually take a whole slew of books and magazines with me (I like to have my options). But craving the simplicity and wanting to avoid the fuss that comes with picking out too many reads, this was the only book that I took with me to the spa. And boy, was it the perfect read for my current state of mind! I practically didn't emerge from this book for three days, as I was furiously highlighting passages that spoke to my heart and soul (the books is practically pink now :), and taking notes in my bullet journal - I want to have that wisdom with me at all times, so I can reread the most important lessons learned whenever I'm in a slump (which has been happening to me way too often lately). Would you be interested in me doing a more in-depth book review?

Enjoying a well-deserved "me" time. Do you ever feel like you're constantly giving your time, your efforts and your attention to everyone around you? I know I do - whether it's clients at work, my parents or friends...everyone deserves their fair share of my time and presence, but in the midst of it all, I can sometimes forget that even I deserve the same thing: I deserve the gift of my time and my full attention. It may sound selfish, but I've recently learned the hard way, that spending all my waking hours taking care and worrying about my loved ones takes a huge toll on my own mental well-being. Because if I give all my energy away, I have nothing left but exhaustion that ultimately leads to me being restless and snappy (I've lost my temper more often in the past three weeks than I have in the previous six months. I don't like that. At all). I'm writing it all here to remind myself (and maybe you, too, if you need it), that taking time to shut down the phone, not to answer the constant messages and emails, and just be and think quietly is the best gift I can give myself.

What were the highlight of your February? Any valuable lessons you have learned? And how do you keep yourself sane in the midst of the everyday "busy"? Please, do share!

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