Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weekend notes & link love #33

It seems that everyone is doing podcasts these days - some of them are good, some less so, and there are a few that are truly excellent. Clara and Brooke's Life Lately definitely belongs to the latter: I listened to all 6 episodes in one sitting, and walked away feeling inspired, rejuvenated and with a new resolve to tackle my dreams and big plans. (via Life Lately)

And while we're on the subject of podcasts, the New York Times announced this week that they were turning their popular column, Modern Love, into a podcast, too. Since this is one of my favorite reads ever, I can hardly wait to see (or rather, to listen) to what it's all about. (via The New York Times)

I'm usually guilty of downloading way too many apps on my iPhone, and never quite checking them out properly, so one of my goals is to really start using them to make my life easier and learn new things. This list is a great place to start! (via Waiting on Martha)

A few easy steps to make you feel happier at home. Definitely worth a try! (via Camille Styles)

Staying focused and on track when it comes to accomplishing my tasks is one of my biggest challenges. My mind and my thoughts tend to be all over the place, and it's something I really need to deal with this year, if I want to get things done. I'll be sure to try Hitha's tips! (via Hitha on the go)

And a few things you might have missed on Macarons and Pearls:

My favorite quotes to inspire me when I'm in a slump.

A few things currently inspiring me.

Chocolate, caramel and walnut tart aka the sweet bomb,

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