Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Recipe roundup: Shallots

I have this list of what I call "the sentimental ingredients" - ingredients that make me remember people I love, places I've been to and memories I've made. Since I love food so much, I tend to associate many important memories with dishes I ate or ingredients I used in my kitchen at the time. And when I think of shallots, I always remember my beloved late grandma. She grew them in her garden and she used them a lot in her cooking, which was heavily influenced by her years spent living in France. It really makes me sad that we never got to actually cook together, because she left us too early. I'm sure we would have had tremendous fun in the kitchen together, and I could have learned so much from her...

But back to shallots now. Funny thing is, my mom never really used them in the kitchen, so they quietly slipped away from our table. It wasn't until my first summer as an au-pair in France, that I rediscovered this special variety of onions. Madame T., for whom I was working at the time, taught me one of the easiest but also the most delicious saffron chicken recipes, and shallots were one of its signature ingredients.

When I came back home and made the same recipe for my parents, mom immediately came up with the idea of planting the shallots again, this time in our own garden. Fast forward to the last fall, when we harvested our biggest load of shallots yet. We still have so many left, but after a few months, I grew quite bored with my old ways and recipes. And so my hunt for the next best shallot recipe begun. Now I'm bringing you the roundup of the ones that caught my eye and that I'll be experimenting with in the upcoming weeks. And I would love to know, do you ever use shallots in your kitchen? If so, what is your favorite recipe?

Images via: Food for my family // A beautiful plate // Williams Sonoma // Honestly Yum

Caramelized shallot and gruyere quiche with rosemary crust. This quiche is bound to send me into a flavorful food coma. Rosemary crust sounds lovely in and of itself, but throw caramelized shallots and gruyere in the mix, and you have just the perfect dish for a cozy winter evening at home. (via Food for my family)

Roasted fingerling potatoes with tarragon-shallot butter. From what I've read so far, shallots pair really well with tarragon, so I'm eager to give this combo a try. Plus, I'm a fan of easy, simple dishes that pack a major flavor punch, and this one fits the bill perfectly. (via A beautiful plate)

Cheddar and ale soup. This one caught my eye immediately. I've never had a cheddar soup before, so this cheese paired with ale and crispy shallots really has me intrigued. (via Williams Sonoma)

Caramelized shallots. This is originally an Ina Garten recipe, so it's bound to be delicious. It marries sweet and savory flavors with the tanginess of balsamic vinegar. Served with or without a slice of roquefort cheese, this would make for a lovely side dish. (via Honestly Yum)

Images via: Home & plate // Girl versus dough // Pinch of yum // Eats well with others

Compound butter with garlic, shallots and herbs. This one falls into the "gift for the foodie in your life" - and I can very well see myself making it for...you guessed it, myself :) Truth is, I've been reading a lot about compound butters, but I've yet to try making them in my kitchen. This could be a great place to start! (via Home & plate)

Caramelized shallot and mushroom quiche. You can put almost anything in a quiche, and I'm bound to love it. Because hello, flaky crust, and rich and satisfying filling! And don't even get me started on those caramelized shallots! Comfort food at its best. (via Girl versus dough)

Caramelized shallot & grape chutney. As far as appetizers go, this one looks and sounds beyond amazing! Grapes and shallots make for an original pairing, and this could very well be the hit of my next dinner with friends. (via Pinch of yum)

Eggplant burgers with honey-beer caramelized shallots. And here are those caramelized shallots again. I can hardly imagine a better place for them to be than on top of this glorious eggplant burger. No, scratch that. The best place for them all to be would be in my belly. right. this. moment. (via Eats well with others)

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