Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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Images via: Freutcake // Hint of Vanilla // Lark & Linen // Design love fest

A few things currently sitting on my Pinterest boards and inspiring my days:

Sausage, white bean and tortellini soup. One thing I'm always craving in winter is soup. A few times a week, there is a pot simmering on my stove, with whatever ingredients are currently lounging around my kitchen or are currently in season. But in order to avoid falling into a soup rut, I'm forever on the lookout for the next inspiring recipe. I've always wanted to try a tortellini soup (for some strange reason, it sounds rather exotic to me), and this one fits the bill perfectly. Sausage, beans and tortellini = the epitome of winter comfort food. (via Freutcake)

Coffee doughnuts. I have made a pledge to eat healthier this year, and I've been pretty good so far. But there are some cravings you cannot overcome, and baked donuts are one indulgence I will probably never give up. Especially if they have coffee flavor. And I especially love Megan's perspective on living and eating healthy. I fully subscribe to enjoying an indulgence every now and then. (via Hint of Vanilla)

Warm winter salad. And since we are already on the topic of healthy eating, I'm sharing this gorgeous winter salad. I'm a huge salad lover, but munching on cold baby spinach isn't exactly my thing in winter - I'm craving something warm and more substantial when the temps descend below zero. Enter this salad - full of grain, greens and pickled veggies, it sounds just like the perfect lunch to bring to work with me. (via Lark & Linen)

Goal setting with Bri. I have spent quite some time thinking about my 2016 goals and dreams, and since I'm such a visual person, I'd love to have them all on display somewhere I could see them every day. I love this idea of little flash cards, where you can write both things you want to bring more or into your life, and things you want to give up. Then you can pin them on your inspiration board, or put them into your wallet, to be reminded of your goals wherever you go. (via Design love fest)

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