Monday, November 30, 2015

November chic list, 2015

This month I was:

Listening to 25  by Adele. Ever since I first listened to Hello, I was anxiously awaiting Adele's new album. And it surely did not disappoint. Her voice still gives me chills and her ability to communicate strong emotions through lyrics is unbeatable. She's amazing.

Watching Spectre. It's Bond, after all. I must admit, I wasn't as taken with the movie as I'd expected: I found it a little bit too long. But still, Daniel Craig was sexy as hell, Léa Seydoux was incredibly stunning, and the action-packed scenes were fun to watch. Oh, and I think Q is hilarious. And adorable.

I also went to see The Mockingjay Part II., and that was another story. The movie was incredibly well made, as true to the original story as possible and it provided the perfect closure to the whole saga. It was amazing.

Visiting Munich and Neuschwanstein Castle. I only spent 4 days in Bavaria, but it was so much fun! I could rediscover a city I last visited 13 years ago, shopped my weight in Lindt chocolates and visited the fairytalesque castle of Neuschwanstein that had been on my bucket list for ages. All in all, it was a wonderful opportunity to get away from all the stress, even if only for a while.

Eating twice my weight in Bavarian food. Schweinshaxe, spaetzle, sauerkraut, wurst & pretzels, and too much poor stomach aches just thinking about it. It was epic. Just read this hilarious post, and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

Lighting the first Advent candle. I still can't believe we're already counting down the days till Christmas, but it's time to face the truth: tomorrow is the fist day of December, and the last month of 2015 will probably fly by with the speed of sound. I guess it's time to start wrapping those presents up!

(Still) learning Italian. I have reached the point where I think that the more I learn, the less I know. I know it's probably only in my head, but it still feels like one giant jumbled mess. I kind of hope that I'll be able to put some order in it over Christmas, when the life slows down a little bit. #wishfulthinking

Reading through my November list. The best book I read this month was hands down Jennifer Niven's All the bright places. I devoured it in two evenings, loved every single chapter and in the end, I cried so much! It's a beautiful, honest, thought provoking and heartbreaking story, and I'll be recommending it to everyone and anyone who would listen.

Loving the new Glitter Guide. Huge thumbs up to Taylor and the whole team, because they did such a wonderful job! The new site is beautiful, more grown up and much easier to navigate. Gathering inspiration never looked prettier!

Shopping for books. I went to the biggest book fair in Slovakia at the beginning of this month, and per usual, I bought too many books to count. I always say that books are the only thing I never feel guilty splurging on, since they pack so much lasting value and keep on bringing me joy day after day. Let the Christmas reading begin!

Reaching 30km mark on my bike. And feeling so darn proud. #enoughsaid

Now it's your turn to tell me about your November highlights. What did you like / love / discover? Do share!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Weekend notes & link love #26

Image via Trendenser

I'm going to repeat myself and say that I'm extremely happy to see this past week end. Between my work schedule, health issues and a few personal hiccups, I wasn't really being my best & true self, and I'm ready to make a new start on Monday. Also, anyone else out there is feeling completely stumped by the fact that today is the first Advent Sunday, and that December starts on Tuesday? I mean, WTF? I've been watching this year fly by, but this is getting ridiculous! I'm really not ready to see 2015 end! My ramblings are pointless, of course, so all I can do is focus on making the most of this last month and enjoy it to the fullest. And I wish you all the same! Happy Sunday!

A few life lessons learned during a sabbatical in Paris. I identified with so many of Ashley's thoughts and I love how she made the most of her time in the incredible City of Lights. Her advice to become an observer is my favorite! (via The Glitter Guide)

Do you ever struggle with procrastination? I certainly do, and could use any help I can get in this department. This simple trick sounds almost too good to be true, but I'm certainly willing to give it a try! (via Byrdie)

Why Richard Branson and I always carry a notebook. (via Forbes)

Michele's post on becoming human spam really stopped me in my tracks. I especially love the part about going back to the core, since it's something I've been thinking about a lot since starting blogging again. I wanted to remember why I started doing it in the first place, what brought me most joy and fulfillment and revive all those feelings in order to bring you the best Macarons & Pearls possible. Time to get out my notebook and write it all down! (via The Bamboo Project)

6 ways keeping a journal can help your career. This one really struck a chord, because for the past few weeks I've been trying to journal daily (in form of logbook), in order to record all the good & bad that's happening in my life every day. It's quite a revealing and educational experience, and now I'd love to apply the same principles to my career evolution. Keeping a career journal seems like a great way to start! Do you keep one? If so, how does it work for you? (via Forbes)

Everything I need to know I learned from Hermione Granger. Because I'm a die hard Harry Potter fan. And because I think Hermione has always been awesome. Duh. (via Hello Giggles)

Friday, November 27, 2015

Currently inspired by, #12

Whew. This was one of those weeks when I wished I could call it quits on Monday evening. The effect of shit hitting the fan was in full swing, and I was simply counting the days till the weekend. I'm so looking forward to two days away from work, from stress and everything that didn't go as planned in the past few days.

These are my plans for the first Advent weekend:

via A girl obsessed blog

Put together my December editorial calendar. In terms of blogging, November really wasn't my strongest month. But in the spirit of giving myself grace, I've decided not to beat myself up for not posting often enough, and instead focus on the upcoming month. I have my notebook filled with ideas and notes for possible posts, and my Pinterest board full of inspiring images and projects, all I have to do now is put it all down on paper, and plan my posting around my crazy work schedule. Easy, right?

via I heart organizing

Organize my craft supplies. In November, I went a little bit crazy shopping for craft supplies (I have too many DIY projects in mind for the upcoming weeks), and now they're strewn all around my apartment, creating unnecessary clutter wherever I look. And it drives me nuts. While I wish I could have a dedicated room (or at least a pegboard like the one above) for my crafty projects, that's really not going to happen. But I recently purchased several pretty boxes, and I just need to assemble them and fill them up with ribbons, papers, stamps and colors, to put some order in the chaos.

via Orasey

Set up my Christmas baking plan. When it comes to Christmas baking, this year I'm probably way too ambitious. I have a mile-long list of cookies to bake and recipes to try, but I need to get myself organized and create a timeline and a list of all the ingredients needed, to avoid unnecessary surprises.

via S'Bastelkistle

Light the first candle on the Advent wreath. I can hardly believe that this Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent. I'd very much love to use this time to slow down and become more calm, but by the look of my planner for the next few weeks, that's not going to happen. The least I can do is use the Advent Sundays to skip the holiday shopping craze, forget my work for a little while and reflect upon the real significance and meaning of Christmas.

via Lingering Daydreams

Celebrate my cousin's birthday. She has recently reached the big 2-0, which makes me kind of nostalgic since I still remember her as a cute little baby with the prettiest curly hair ever. She's throwing a big bash on Sunday, and I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with my extended family, along with some delicious food and wine. Always a winner in my book :)

What are your plans for this weekend? Any fun plans you're looking forward to?

Monday, November 23, 2015

Shopping: Etsy love #2

After a relaxing and fun weekend (I went to see the Mockingjay, Part II in theater, and LOVED it), Monday has rolled around and once again my to do list is quickly getting out of hand. I'll be running on 3 hours of sleep and copious amounts of coffee today, so I'm leaving you with a few lovely things currently living in my Etsy shopping cart. They would make for lovely stocking stuffers, don't you think?

via NoryGloryPrints

Despite the fact that I've been terribly shaken by what happened in Paris more than a week ago, I still find myself in a state of permanent wanderlust. I'd love to pack my bags and explore a new country in the upcoming weeks. I just wish the world would become a safer place again. (via NoryGloryPrints)

via AubreyEApothecary

I'm a sucker for pretty packaging and original beauty products, and this one fits the bill perfectly. With the temperatures dropping steadily, my lips could use a little extra TLC. Plus, the grapefruit scent screams winter to me. (via AubreyEApothecary)

via OldEnglishCo
Okay, this one goes out to all the single ladies living on their own: sometimes we could really use a male presence in house, especially when things break or fall apart. Cheers to all dads out there who are always willing to lend a helping hand! (via OldEnglishCo)

via HappyDappyBits

I've recently started keeping a daily logbook (I shamelessly stole the idea from Austin Kleon), and I've been having so much fun jotting down all the stuff that I do and that happens to me in a day (both great and not-so-great things), and now I'm on the lookout for perfect little journals to keep up with this activity. This one is so darling! (via HappyDappyBits)

via FormularyFiftyFive

The truth is, I don't ever use solid soaps anymore, but the packaging on this one is so beautiful and intricate! I could just let it sit on my dresser, right? :) (via FormularyFiftyFive)

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Weekend notes & link love #25

Images & inspiration via: Design Love Fest // Atlantic Pacific // The Effortless Chic // Flair Exchange

This was my official eating guide during my last week's short business trip to Munich, Germany. I laughed so hard I almost fell of my chair! And then I got to experience all this for myself, and I wasn't laughing anymore. Guys, Bavarian food really is no joke! I must have gained 5 kilos in 3 days, but I'd do it all over again. Spatzle, sauerkraut, schweinshaxe, schnitzels, pretzels, breer...oh my! (via Everywhereist)

These are some great tips for beautiful, healthy hair. This is something that has been on my mind a lot lately: not sure if it's the result of a poor diet, of too much stress or the changing seasons (probably all three, and then some), but I've been losing my hair all over the place. Time to take some serious care of my mane! (via Harper's Bazaar)

35 easy tips to adopt a healthier lifestyle even when you're terribly busy. This is a lifesaver to me! (via The Greatist)

My friend Jenna has a way with words that never ceases to amaze and blow me away. She masters the art of appreciating the little things in life perfectly! (via La Femme La Fanciful)

I have promised myself to steer clear of all the Christmas stuff until the first Advent Sunday, but of course, with all the bloggers and magazines in full holiday boom, it's quite impossible. And isn't this fabric & floral gift wrapping inspiration just the prettiest? (via Design Love Fest)

How gorgeous is Blair, modelling all these dreamy designer gowns for Bergdorf Goodman? #swoon (via Atlantic Pacific)

With our hectic schedules and busy lives, weekends tend to be the tiny little islands of sanity. And I simply loved Jen's tips on how to make the most out of those 48 hours. Definitely taking note of number 3! (via The Effortless chic)

This pear sangria made it right on top of my to-try list. It sounds delicious! (via The Flair Exchange)

What you might have missed on Macarons and Pearls:

Things, ideas and projects currently inspiring me.

November words to live by.

Books on my nightstand this month.

From my kitchen: Chestnut and chocolate escargots.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Inspired by: Wanderlust

Images via Fashion gone rogue

I seem to have the severest case of wanderlust this morning, and seeing Arizona Muse romp around Paris in the prettiest Louis Vuitton garments does nothing to quench my thirst for traveling. I guess it's time to pull out my vintage globe, make it turn and plant my finger into my next dream destination! 

Where would you go if you could pack your bag this very moment and to whichever place in the world?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Currently inspired by, #11

Images and ideas via: Audrey loves Paris // Lark & Linen // Little green notebook // Boden

If there's one thing that makes me happy and fires me up, it's gathering inspiration. Tearing pages from magazines, reading books on anything and everything, printing out pictures and articles from blogs, adding to my Pinterest name it, I love it. All these things give me plenty of new ideas to pursue, they spark my creativity and they make my life just a tiny bit lovelier and more fulfilled.

These are just a few things currently inspiring me:

1) Paris. I wish I could get those terrible images from last Friday, that tainted the souvenirs of my favorite city in the world, out of my head. It's not easy, but I believe that the City of Lights will rise stronger and more resilient than before, and that there are still many adventures that we'll be able to experience together. #ileftmyheartinparis

2) Butternut squash and pear soup with rosemary croutons. Soups are one of my favorite things about this whole time of year. I love that moment when it feels appropriate to start making my own vegetable stock from scratch, then using it to prepare all kinds of delicious creamy soups to enjoy on chilly evenings. It's the little things, guys, I would never, in my lifetime, thought of pairing butternut squash and pears, but Jacquelyn makes it sound so delicious and appealing that I can't resist. And don't even get me started on those rosemary croutons! My stomach is already grumbling.

3) Styling grocery store carnations. I love carnations. They may be one of those overlooked, oftentimes ridiculed flowers, but I'll always have a soft spot for them in my bloom-lover's heart. I always buy them at my local grocery store, and I usually just display them in a tall vase on my coffee table, but Jenny's trick has got me thinking, and I'm dying to give it a try. Her arrangement looks just so luxe!

4) Boden blanket. After a few days of freezing cold, my apartment has finally become a livable place again (gotta love the guy responsible for the heating, calling me at the beginning of November with the words "so, the heating season is approaching (!!!), we should probably make your heating system work already." I should probably explain that the temps were below 10°C at the moment, and I was freezing my butt off day in and day out. Never mind.) But I could still use a beautiful plaid blanket on those evenings when I crave nothing more but curling up on my sofa with a great book. This one sports just the perfect color palette.

Images and ideas via: Waiting on Martha // She wears many hats // Design love fest // Recipe Tin Eats

5) Roasted cauliflower with apples, cranberries and sageI can't believe that I'm actually typing this out, but as much as being a chocoholic and lover of everything sweet is ingrained in my DNA, all I've been craving lately are healthy and delicious salads. Like, salad for lunch and salad for dinner (obviously, I'm still chicken enough to skip salad on breakfast, but maybe I'll cross even that bridge one day). At this cadence, my usual salad arsenal is growing old and boring as we speak. So I'm on the lookout for the new and exciting combos to try, and this one is right up my alley. Cauliflower, apples, cranberries and sage...oh my! #mouthwatering

6) Made with love gift tagsAlthough I promised myself to steer clear from any Christmas-related stuff until the end of November, I've been failing miserably at this. I've been skipping autumn decorations entirely (I see no point, since my living room furniture is scheduled to arrive right before the Christmas week, and without it, my apartment still feels too unfinished to fuss with pumpkins & co.), and holding out onto the Christmas ones. And I've also been thinking about what homemade gifts I could give my loved ones this year. And while that necessitates some more thinking, I already know which tags I'll be attaching to all those things made with love. So cute!

7) DIY terracotta planters. So, lately I've been having this weird urge to grow plants. For someone who used to be a serial cacti-killer (I know that's practically impossible to do, and yet, I'm guilty as charged), that's quite an unexpected development, but I'm ready to go with the flow. No matter the fact that outside it's almost freezing, and inside, I have no living room furniture to place plants on (and since I have underfloor heating in my apartment, placing plants on the floor wouldn't be the smartest move either). I'm thinking that some little but sturdy evergreens might be an option, but until I make my choice, I can at least play with my planters. This simple DIY looks like the perfect Sunday afternoon project!

8) Creamy cauliflower soup. After the massacre that was the Bavarian food, I've decided to take it easy, and stock up on all the greens and veggies still available, to give my poor stomach a break. I'm actually pretty excited about experimenting with produce such as broccoli, cauliflower or beets - I tend to cook them the same boring way over and over again, and I think that spicing things up might be in order. Starting with this delicious creamy cauliflower soup. It looks like a perfect thing to bring to the office in my lunch box. Yum!

What is currently inspiring you? Do share!

Monday, November 16, 2015


Image by Pierre Augé

How are you on this Monday morning, guys? My Monday will be entirely dedicated to getting back in the swing of things. I took 2 weeks off from the business (this was unheard of since 2011) and enjoyed that time immensely.

I dedicated the first week to doing absolutely nothing but relaxing and catching up on sleep, and the second one to exploring Munich during my short business trip. And it was pure bliss. I ate way too much delicious food, explored new places and was lucky enough to finally visit the Neuschwanstein castle (you know, that fairytalesque castle that any puzzle lover knows perfectly ;). Everything was amazing.

And then, right when I arrived back home on Friday night, I was hit by the news of terrorist attacks in Paris. I can't remember the last time I was this scared for the lives and well-being of my friends living there. My heart breaks for this beautiful city that I called home for four years and that still holds a very special place in my heart. And it aches for all those people who didn't make it home, for their families who must endure a terrible loss. I have no words to describe the terror and sadness that I feel, and although I'd love to see my faith in humanity restored, I guess it'll take some time.

Hug your loved ones a little tighter every day. And stay safe.

Monday, November 9, 2015

On my nightstand, November 2015

After the October reading spree, I'm back with another installment for November. I've been devouring and buying books right and left - only last week I visited a book fair in Bratislava, and left with an empty wallet and too many new reads to count. If there's one thing that makes me incredibly happy, it's cracking open a brand new book and getting myself lost in a gripping story, an inspiring memoir or a delicious cookbook. So without further ado, here's my November reading list, and per usual, be sure to leave your own book recommendations in the comments: I love discovering what my friends and readers are reading, and I'm forever adding to my never ending to-read list.

Robert Galbraith: Career of Evil. I preordered this one the moment it became available - and I almost never do that! But it's J.K. Rowling, after all, and anything she publishes is always a winner in my book (pun intended). Sure, Cormoran Strike is a great character, but it's his former assistant and now his partner Robin, that I really love in this series. When she receives a package with a severed woman's leg, apparently coming straight from Strikes' complicated past, things are bound to get interesting.

I only have a few chapters left and I won't give any spoilers away, but let's just say it's a great and gripping story that's been getting me through my recent bouts of insomnia. A must read!

J.K. Rowling: Very good lives. What can I say? I'm such a huge Rowling fan! In 2008 she delivered an amazing and inspiring commencement speech at Harvard, and now that it was published in book form, I can always have it on hand and reach for it whenever I need a little kick in the butt, If there's someone who can distill advice on how to use imagination to better our lives and the lives of the others, it's the author of Harry Potter

Liane Moriarty: Big little lies. I devoured The Husband's secret a few months ago, and I was thrilled when Moriarty's latest offering finally arrived at my doorstep. I'm looking forward to another set of intertwined lives, stories and destinies, affected by death, schoolyard scandals and dangerous little lies that we tell ourselves. And have you heard that Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman are turning this book into a TV series for HBO? I can't wait to see the results!

Andy Andrews: The Traveler's Gift. I read Andy's The Noticer in just three days, but found myself thinking about the powerful life lessons distilled in this powerful and uplifting book over and over again. That's why I couldn't wait to put my hands on his other works, starting with the seven secrets of personal success, shared by historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln, King Solomon or Anne Frank.

Laura Hillenbrand: Unbroken. I'm wayyy behind on this one (I haven't seen the movie either), but when I spotted it in my local library, I snatched it immediately. I love immersing myself in powerful stories, and if they're based on true events, all the better. I can't wait to finally read about the journey of Louis Zamperini, a successful athlete who suffered unspeakable horrors during world war II, but managed to survive by sheer force of his will.

Richard Branson: The Virgin Way. If it's not fun, it's not worth doing. Marketed as a "book on leadership from someone who has never read a book on leadership in his life", this is bound to be one hell of an inspiring read. If there's a prototype of a fearless and inspired leader, it's bound to be Richard Branson. His leadership style is unlike any other's, and this book promises to reveal how fun, family, passion and the art of listening helped shape the famous "Virgin way".

Paula Rizzo: Listful thinking. I'm a big list maker - if this post series isn't proof enough, I don't know what is. Books, groceries, dreams, tasks, travel name it, I can turn it into a list! Since my head usually feels like a browser with too many tabs open, I use lists to keep track of my ideas, thoughts and tasks, and incidentally, keep my sanity in the process. Yet I'm sure that I could use a few tips from Paula Rizzo, an accomplished list-making guru, I'm actually pretty excited to read this book to see how I could manage my time & life even better and reduce stress that comes with busy lifestyle.

Jennifer Niven: All the bright places. Hailed as the talented new voice of YA literature, Niven has penned an intense novel about two lost teenage souls, trying to figure out their lives. Theodore is fascinated by death, while Violet lives for the future, forgetting the enjoy the present, When their words collide, their lives are about to be profoundly changed. Perfect for fans of John Green, which I certainly am.

Agnes Martin-Lugand: Happy people read and drink coffee (published in French, I have the Slovak translation, the English one is bound to be published next year). I was immediately drawn to this book, since its title sums up my outlook on life so perfectly: without books and coffee, my life would be so sad an empty!

This is a story of Diane, a young Parisienne living her happy life of café owner with her husband and daughter. When tragedy strikes, her life is turned upside down and her life will never be the same. My mom, who beat me to reading it, qualified this little book as extremely charming, and I'm saving it for a rainy November afternoon when I'll be able to curl up under a blanket and devour it in one sitting.

Pittacus Lore: I am number four. My search for another great YA series still continues, and while visiting the book fair last week, I was reminded of this novel. I read it a few years back when it first came out. Now there are five more books to the series and I'm eager to give them a whirl. This could be a great way to unwind and get out of my head right before bedtime.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

From my kitchen: Chestnut & chocolate escargots

I know that pumpkin is supposed to represent the fall (and for many people it surely does), but I personally consider chestnuts to be my go-to fall ingredient. Come October, I stock up on edible chestnuts to roast in the oven, and chestnut purée to put in all kinds of desserts.

My very first chestnut recipe this year is extremely easy to make and so delicious! It combines the characteristic sweet taste of chestnut purée with the sharp flavor of dark chocolate. Plus, it comes in a playful shape of escargot, that never fails to put a smile on my face when I devour it for my breakfast. Here's how you can make it:

Chestnut & chocolate escargots (serves 12)

You'll need:

* 300g all-purpose flour
* 15g active yeast
* 125ml milk
* 50g sugar
* 1 egg + another one to spread
* 250g chestnut purée
* 75g dark chocolate

1. Put the yeast in a bowl with lukewarm milk, add a teaspoon of flour and sugar. Let ferment for 10 minutes.
2. Put the rest of the flour, sugar and one egg in a large bowl. add the ferment and combine with your robot. You should get a smooth, slightly sticky dough. Cover it with a clean tea towel and let rise for 30 minutes in a warm place (I usually place the bowl on the kitchen heater).
3. After 30 minutes put the dough on a work surface dusted with flour, knead for a few moments and cut in half.
4. Roll out the first half with a rolling pin (it should have a rectangular shape), and spread the chestnut purée all over its surface.
5. Roll out the second half in the same shape, place it on top of the chestnut dough and sprinkle with grated dark chocolate.
6. Roll the two doughs tightly together, then cut this roll into 2-3cm circles.
7.  Place them in the cupcake baking sheet lined with paper liners.
8. Cover with the tea towel again, and let rise for another 30 minutes.
9. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Beat one egg slightly with a fork, then spread it over the escargots.
10. Bake for 15 minutes (but watch closely, they could burn easily).
11. Enjoy with your morning coffee, with your afternoon tea, or just like that.

Bon appétit!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Words to live by: November 2015

Images via one // two // three // four

Be kind to myself. Confession time: I spent the whole freaking month of October beating myself up for all sorts of things. For lowering my guard. For letting myself be emotionally vulnerable. For not working out enough. For being impatient and snappy. For not eating my veggies. For not making enough time for blogging. For not practicing Italian enough. For letting my laundry pile up. For being weak. For not making that appointment with my doctor until the very last moment. For not making time for my friends. And to top it all off, I would beat myself up guessed, beating myself up. For being so harsh on myself. A vicious circle, if there ever was one.

Emotionally speaking, October truly wasn't my strongest month. I could go on and on, writing lengthy paragraphs on why that was the case. But I'm not sure I want to fall down that rabbit hole all over again - it would probably just end up in more self-beating. Instead, I'm going to try to focus on something entirely different. On giving myself grace. On cutting myself some slack. On being kinder to myself. That may vary from treating myself to long bubble baths and endless reading sessions. to cutting negative thoughts right when they pop into my head. I don't think it's going to be easy, but it sure as hell is worth it.

Practice patience. I've already hinted at this above (it seems that I'm all about confessions today), but in terms of patience, too, October was pretty crappy. Which is rather disturbing, since patience has always been one of my strongest virtues. But the truth is, I've been using all my reserves on one particular person, and there hasn't been much left for all the other important people in my life. That's why I've been snappy with my parents (who sure as hell deserve it the least), curt with my coworkers (who, on the other hand, decided simultaneously that this was the right moment to make my life as complicated as possible), and sort of distant with my friends. I'm not proud of that but in the spirit of giving myself grace, I'm just going to admit that even I have a right to a few moments of weakness. After all, I'm only human (cue Christina Perri's song in my head). So practicing patience, breathing deeply and counting to ten before snapping, is right on top of my list with practicing grace. This should be one hell of a zen month ;)

Experiment with beets in the kitchen. I'll admit, this one is completely random. But beet is one of those tricky vegetables that I actually love, but always end up using the same old, boring way (aka 50 shades of beet salad). The time has come to switch things up a little bit. I've already scoured Pinterest for a heaping dose of inspiration, and I rather hope that my sparkling white kitchen won't suffer some lasting damage from beet stains. Fingers crossed!

Start traveling again. It really makes me sad to admit this, but so far, 2015 has been almost completely devoid of travel. For someone used to toting around a carry-on across half the Europe, this is quite shocking to realize. Shocking, but understandable: what with all the apartment renovating, my budget didn't really allow for extravagant trips abroad. But lately, I've been feeling that familiar itch again. The one that makes me want to book a flight, pack my suitcase, and disappear, even if just for a few days. And although I have some major travel plans in the works for next year, I'd still love to use the remaining weeks of 2015 to move around a little bit. Starting next week, with a short work trip to Munich, Germany. I haven't been there since high school, and despite the fact that my days will be packed with business meetings, the prospect of being in another country, exploring the city and enjoying the great food, makes me incredibly giddy with excitement.

Here's to a wonderful November!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Weekend notes & link love #24

Image via Macarons and Pearls
Image via The Stripe
Image via Style within reach
Image via Macarons and Pearls
Image via Meg Biram

That was quite an eventful month, I should say! This was a month when I played taxi driver for my mom (after her carpal tunnel surgery, she was off driving for two months), read like a fiend, drank brandy at 10am (only once though - oh the joys of business meetings!), enjoyed a girls' slumber party with my best friend, shopped for home decor, finally got around to designing my living room furniture, got my mind buzzing with new Italian vocabulary, pulled out my cashmere sweaters from the storage, got carded when buying wine (at 29 years, this really made my whole weekend :), my dishwasher broke after only 6 months of service and I got a new hair cut and color. And while I hope that November will be a little bit more relaxing, I leave you with my favorite links from this week.

"Deactivating Facebook proved to be a way to be kind to myself. It's hard to ignore what people share for attention, and even harder not to form comparisons. Before, I'd have to actively remind myself that my Facebook 'friends' were portraying inflated, smoke-and-mirrors versions of their lives...but that was exhausting. Now, that energy goes into my ​real​ life. You know, where it belongs." Brooke Sager's words truly speak to my heart. I've been thinking about shutting down my personal Facebook profile for a while, feeling that it brings me nothing but the constant comparison game. I've already been avoiding my feed for weeks at a time, and I think it's only a matter of time that I finally pull the trigger and deactivate the wretched thing. (via Marie Claire)

Ever since I saw Meg wearing it, I've been daydreaming about this dress. It has just the perfect cut, the most gorgeous floral print, and the colors are amazing for fall. #swoon (via Meg Biram)

Grace is looking so beautiful in that red dress. And OMG, those shoes! (via The Stripe)

For anyone who ever suffered bullying, cyber or not, this must really stirke a chord. I'm right there with Elsie, when she says: "I want to live in a world where women work hard to help and encourage each other. Don't you? We can do this together. We can make a difference." (via A Beautiful Mess)

I am a voracious reader, and for as long as I can remember, I've been highlighting and writing down the most inspiring and striking passages from books. But until reading this piece I never knew that I'd been keeping a Commonplace book, and how it could help my creativity and writing. Time to find the best way to organize all my notes and quotes! (Ryan Holiday via Thought Catalog)

I can't help but obsess over Caitlin's stunning new office. It's definitely a dream come true! (via Style within reach)

...and what you might have missed on Macarons and Pearls:

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