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Monday, January 19, 2015

Style: Pencil skirts

Pencil skirts are one of those closet staples that haven't enjoyed as much wear time as they would deserve. I have built quite a collection over the years, and I'm not really sure why I stopped pulling them out of my closet. Put it down to laziness, or to the lack of creativity. Whatever the reason, it's such a shame that they didn't get the attention they deserve.

I know that they are not the easiest thing to pull off, especially when you have curves (raising my hand), and are a tiny bit too self-conscious (rising my hand, again), but they truly can do wonder for a hourglass shape.

The easiest thing, of course, is to pair a pencil skirt with a simple blouse or a t-shirt for spring & summer, but in my quest for a more creative winter dressing, I've been researching other, more winter-appropriate options.

I love the idea of wearing my pencil skirts with a knit (cashmere or cable, tucked in or not), a statement necklace and my hair in loose waves. Also, after too many years of snubbing them, I find myself once again drawn to the turtlenecks - paired with a perfectly-cut pencil skirt they have that subtle sophistication and elegance I've been craving.

Tell me, are pencil skirts part of your winter wardrobe? What do you like to pair them with?

Image via Fashionsy
I don't own many pieces in navy (and I'm wondering why's that, anyway), but I'm really obsessed with this ensemble. A monochromatic look is always a winner in my book, and I love how this navy blue set is livened up by turquoise accessories. I think this would also look nice with a pair of black knee-high boots and an elegant winter coat.

Image via Atlantic Pacific

I have never been fan of flashy metallics: shimmery gold and silver pieces are just too much for me, and I never knew how to style them in a classy way. This bronze leather skirt, however, is an entirely different story. It's not flashy in the slightest, and matches the two-tone turtlenect almost perfectly. Exactly my idea of chic!

Image via Fashionsy

Leather, knit, plaid. Three elements of a perfect fall/winter outfit. I would just swap the pumps for a pair of camel boots.

Image via Gal Meets Glam

I love the contrast between the summery lace skirt and the fuzzy winter sweater!

Image via Styleoholic

This is by far the safest color bet I can think of: black and gray is one of my favorite winter combos. I love the elegant silhouette of this outfit!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Currently inspired by, #2

I'm happy to report that I crossed off all the items on my very first weekend list, and I had so much fun that I actually forgot to document it on Instagram. Ooops. Real life happening here. I'll try to do better this time, especially because I'm really excited about my new list. I'll be spending this weekend at home, and I'm really looking forward to some quiet and quality time all by myself. I'll sleep in (or at least, I'll try, since my idea of sleeping in over the weekend is usually waking up at 8am. What can I say? I'm definitely a morning person!), I'll read the paper in bed with a cup of coffee in hand, I'll cook and bake up a storm and then wonder what to do with all those goodies. No work-related thoughts will be allowed. I simply can't wait for the Friday afternoon to roll around!

Image via See and Savour

Swap your usual store-bought granola for a delicious homemade alternative. It’s bound to make your morning a little bit sweeter, especially when there are almonds, shredded coconut and vanilla extract involved! (via See and Savour)

On Sunday morning, treat yourself to the most decadent and mouthwatering thing imaginable: a Nutella stuffed French toast. (via Love and Lemons)

Image via My Fotolog
Enjoy some quality „me“ time: turn off your phone, ignore your computer for a while, pour yourself a glass of wine (or a cup of tea, whatever your preference), and spend some time reviewing your plans and goals for the upcoming months. Break the big ones into smaller chunks, make a reasonable to do list, and then get ready to make things happen! (via My Fotolog)

Image via WhoWhatWear

You can also use your „me“ time to ponder these words of the ever-so-wise Diane von Furstenberg. Think of the woman you want to become. What actions do you need to take? There’s no time like today to begin with the first step! (via WhoWhatWear)

Image via Amy's healthy baking

This is definitely one of those why-the-heck-didn’t-I-think-of-this-before? projects. Homemade chocolate chips. Enough said. (via Amy's healthy baking)

Image via Yes, more please

Finish off your weekend with a delicious tomato & spinach soup that’ll make you think that the summer has arrived early this year. Make a large batch, and bring it to the office on Monday: it’ll be SO much better that what the next-door fast food has to offer for lunch! (via Yes, more please)

You can download and print out this list following this link. Select "Print two pages per sheet" option, than cut the sheet to suit your chosen A5 planner.

Will you be trying any of these projects yourself? If you do so, be sure to share them on Instagram, with a hasthtag #mpweekendlist I would love to see what you come up with!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Inspired by: White kitchens

With my upcoming apartment renovation drawing nearer and nearer (yay! so freaking excited!), I thought I'll use my blog as a platform to edit and narrow down my inspirations. Let's start with the heart of every home today, shall we?

I knew I wanted a white kitchen even before I started apartment hunting. There's really no color that comes off as clean, simple and elegant as white, and all the styling opportunities that come with this blank canvas have me positively giddy with excitement. I already have a Pinterest board full of inspiring images, and I thought it was time to go through them again, edit, and narrow down my style and preferences. It became evident pretty quickly that the spaces that truly pull at my heartstrings have several things in common: aside from their snow white color, there are also the ever so glamorous marble countertops that I'm obsessed with, simple and elegant knobs that don't disturb the visual flow, and tons and tons of shelf space that is crucial to anyone who collects pretty coffee mugs, French latte bowls, dozens of cookbooks and more spices than a person could ever use in her entire life. These are just a few photos I'm currently drawing inspiration from, but by the size of my kitchen Pinterest board, many more will follow!

Image via The Everygirl
I've been debating open shelving for ages: i love that with open shelves, there are limitless styling options and possibilities. Think pretty china, a collection of your favorite cookbooks, colorful mugs and bowls lined up, or a bar cart smack in the middle. However, it's the practical aspect that's scaring the crap out of me: I'm not really willing to spend all my weekends removing all the items and dusting them off. No one ever really talk about this side of the story, and I would love to know: does any of you guys have open shelving in your kitchen? Are you happy with it? How much time do you spend dusting those shelves? Do tell!

Image via Style me Pretty Living
This is the exact type of cabinets I'm leaning towards. I love that they're not smooth and that there's some structure to them. I'm obsessed with those simple and elegant knobs, too. Also, the marble countertop is to die for (although given how delicate it is, and how much I love myself some red wine, I'll probably be going with something more resistent and durable. What would you recommend?).

Image via Domaine
Here it is again, that mesmerizing open shelving! Can you tell I'm obsessed? Plus I'm really smitten with that chevron backsplash: it's so original, and such a great alternative to the ubiquitous subway tile!

Image via Traditional Home

Here's an idea! I guess these see-through glass cabinet doors would be a lovely alternative to those dust-collecting open shelves: I could still see and style all my pretty kitchen collections without the necessity to bust out the swiffer on a daily basis. Tempting!

Image via Style me Pretty Living
There is only one thing that I regret about my future kitchen: there won't be enough space for a fabulous kitchen island (like the one above). Of course, it's because I'll be using that extra space to put a large extensible table in there (for up to 12 people: that makes me so excited for all the entertaining possibilities it entails!). Anyhoo, this is just another exemple of a white kitchen done right: I love the contrast betweent the snow white cabinets and the dark floor. Also, that countertop has left me breathless!

Which one of these spaces is your favorite? How did you go about designing your own kitchens? What mistakes should I avoid at any costs?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Shopping: Etsy finds

Just a few things currently living on my Etsy wish list.

Pastels that brighten up these dark winter days. (by Kristybee)

Words never to forget. (by Sarah and Bendrix)

A cozy throw to keep me and my books warm. (by theknittherapy)

Bracelets that add a pop of color to any basic and neutral outfit. (by sorreisa)

This one hits home pretty hard right now. (by shopsaplingpress)

What is on your Etsy wish list?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Style: Winter outfit inspiration

As much as I hate admitting this, I have once again found myself in an outfit rut. Every morning I find myself reaching out for the same pair of jeans and several favorite sweaters over and over again, to the point where I feel like I'm wearing the same thing every. single. day. And it's rather frustrating, when I know how many pretty things living in my closet simply collect dust and see the light of day only when I'm editing the contents of my wardrobe. Of course, grabbing a pair of jeans and a cashmere sweater is the easiest thing to do when I'm picking my clothes early in the morning: I don't really have the luxury of time to try on five different options before heading out the door. That's why I'm going to try a little experiment: for the next two weeks, I'm going to prepare my next day outfit in the evening and see what it does to my style satisfaction levels. I'm pretty sure that Pinterest will be of utmost help when doing so. These are just a few pictures that are currently inspiring my own outfit choices.

Any of you guys doing this - preparing your clothes the night before? 

Image via Style within reach
Ok, admittedly, this is exactly what I've been wearing for the past few weeks (minus the flats, of course. They wouldn't be awfully practical with all the snow we've been having around here). But the combination of skinny jeans, a cozy knit and ankle boots will never get old to me. Plus, Caitlin's turtleneck sweater has the prettiest grey color imaginable.

Image via Not your standard
Although I'm more than willing to experiment with bright colors (case in point), black and white will forever be the epitome of elegance to me. I've been eyeing Kayla's two tone coat for weeks, and I keep wishing I could find one just like that!

Image via Damsel in Dior
Camel coat is a timeless classic that can be worn over and over again and it'll never get old. Paired with muted winter colors (black and gray), it creates an unexpected, but very chic combo.

Image via Eat Sleep Wear
I love the combination of an elegant midi skirt with a more relaxed slouchy knit. I have a stack of scuba midi skirts from Asos that is begging me to be brought to daylight, and I can't wait to experiment with different knits and colors to bring a little more elegance to my winter wardrobe.

Image via Pink Peonies
I have always been one to gravitate towards elegant and tailored winter coats, but lately I've been finally willing to try something new. First, I invested in a tailored puffer jacket (previously unheard of in my closet!), and now I'm thinking a parka would be a fun addition to my jacket collection. I love how equally pulled together and casual Rach's entire outfit is!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Currently inspired by, #1

I guess I'm not overstating it when I say that I'm addicted to Pinterest. I mean, with more than 19 thousand pins under my belt, what else could I say? Sometimes when I get back home from work, there is nothing that I crave more than to curl up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate nearby and my iPad in hand, and to get lost in the rabbit hole of Pinterest for several totally guilt-free moments (sometimes hours, I'll admit that). It helps me forget the hustle and bustle of a workday, and switch my mind to something more creative and inspiring. 

A propos, pinspiration. I am totally guilty of that "I should totally do that someday" attitude when it comes to pinning. Over the years, I have pinned hundreds of pictures that made me think "this is wonderful, I can't wait to wear // cook // bake // DIY // photograph this on my own!". And then I never get around to actually doing it. Yep, a serious case of Pinner's remorse over here.

That's why I've decided to adopt a sort of "stop pinning, start doing" attitude. But as I learned in the past, simply listing things that I want to do, isn't enough. I am a very visual person, and it always helps me to have a visual reminder of projects I'm currently working on. So I have come up with an idea of a printable list of ideas, recipes and other things to try that could be pinned to my inspiration board, or attached to my daily planner with washi tape. I'm really looking forward to putting this first draft to a test this weekend. 

Tell me, how do you keep up with Pinterest inspiration? 

Image via She woke up one day
Find a quote that really speaks to you and fires you up, print it out and pin it to your inspiration board. Let yourself be inspired by it!

Invest in a beautiful new red lipstick for winter (I'm particularly coveting this one)

Image via Oh the lovely things

Print out this beautiful calendar by Oh the lovely things, and mark down all your exciting plans for 2015. (bonus: it's free!)

Image via HRH Collection

Enjoy a leisurely Sunday morning with a cup of coffee, a slice of delicious cake and the Sunday paper (or the book you're currently reading).

Image via Stylizmo
Tear images from home decor magazines, print out pictures from your favorite design blogs, and organize them in an inspiring home decor binder.

Image via Anna with love
Inspired by your new home decor binder, proceed to restyling your nightstand. Think pretty lamp, inspiring photos, stacks of book, your favorite scented candle and a bouquet of fresh (or silk) flowers.

You can download and print out this list following this link. Select "Print two pages per sheet" option, than cut the sheet to suit your chosen A5 planner.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Style: Lemon yellow

Image sources: one: Extra Petite // two: Stephanie Sterjovski // three: Classy in the city // four: Walking in grace & beauty // five: Smitten Studio // six: From Paris to London // seven: Vanessa Jackman

So it seems that I have been on a serious lemon kick lately. After this moodboard, and this recipe round-up, I am here with the third installment. And we're going to talk clothes this time! Over the Christmas I've tackled one of my favorite activities - organizing my closet. Seriously, I love doing this, probably every two months or so. One major reason is, that it simply refuses to stay organized: no matter how much effort I put into it, it's always bound to end up in one jumbled pile, which, in turn, leads me to wear the same few things over and over again, because they are the easiest to spot and grab on the go at 6 o'clock in the morning. So every few weeks, I pull everything out, throw it on my bed, and begin the process of editing and organizing. (Confession time: I usually do this when I'm really pissed off at someone - it has the added benefit of calming me down. Yep, I'm weird like that.)

With my lemon obsession still going strong, I've realized that I own exactly zero items in this pretty and cheerful hue. Nada. I'm not usually one to shy away from bold colors (after all, I painted an accent wall in my bedroom bright raspberry pink), but lemon has been conspicuously missing from my wardrobe. I should probably do something about that, don't you think? I've been especially coveting this pleated midi skirt - it's such a versatile piece! It would pair well with more muted winter knits, but it'd look equally fabulous with a bright top for summer. Also, this cable knit sweater is calling my name: I'm all about cozy and comfy kints this winter (every winter, really), and this one is just so pretty and eye-catching! And don't even get me started on those adorable Chuck Taylors. I'm not one to swoon over sneakers, but these really have me obsessed!

How do you feel about yellow in your closet? Do you have a favorite piece in this bright hue?

Shop the style:

one: Warehouse cable jumper

two: Asos midi skirt in bright jacquard (Note: in the mean time this skirt has gone out of stock, but I've found this one and this one that are just as pretty!)

three: Converse All Star sneakers

four: Lauren Ralph Lauren boatneck sweater

five: Vince Camuto cotton blazer

six: Asos midi skirt in floral lace

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Recipe roundup: Lemons

You already know that I've had lemons on my mind for the past week or so. After grumbling about the dreary weather and the missing sunshine, the obvious next step was to get down to Pinterest, and dig out the prettiest and the most tempting recipes I could find. If I can't have the sun outside my window, I'll at least bring it to my kitchen, right? Are you as tempted as I am by all these beautiful and delicious sweet treats? Let's have a closer look, shall we?

Image via Dessert First

It's been forever since I last attempted to make macarons at home, but this recipe for Lemon verbena macarons is giving me a serious itch. I must admit though that I've always been slightly intimidated by the italian meringue technique (have any of you guys ever tried it?), but I think with this detailed step-by-step tutorial, I could finally muster the courage to give it a go!

Image via Fraise & Basilic

Confession time: I have a weakness for cute recipes. I'm obsessed with food photography that makes me smile / swoon / want to run to my kitchen to try the recipe immediately. And there's hardly anything cuter than these mini lemon meringue tartlets. I mean, just look at them! This is definitely the most adorable lemon recipe I've stumbled upon while researching this post! (note: the recipe is in French).

Image via Bake your day

When life gives you lemons, forget the lemonade, grab a handful of dried lavender flowers, and whip up this gorgeous lemon lavender pound cake. The fact that it's made with Greek yogurt (I'm obsessed!) only adds to its appeal. I'll definitely be making this one over the weekend!

Image via

 One of the best things I've discovered while living in France, was creme fraiche (see, I'm so easy to please!) I've been using it in the widest array of recipes, ranging from soups to cakes, but I have yet to use it as a spread for crepes. I have Martha to thank for that inspiration. And the creme fraiche paired with lemon and honey? #getinmybelly

Image via Natalie

I've already made my way through a fair share of jams and marmalades (both homemade and store-bought), but I have never enountered a lemon marmalade. Orange? Of course. Blood orange? Sure. But Meyer Lemon? Unheard of. Until I stumbled upon Natalie's recipe, and immediately felt intrigued. Not only are her photographs insanely beautiful, she also uses the same method that Fortnum & Mason does, and their marmalades are simply out-of-this-world good. Trust me on this one. I can't wait to give this method a try!

Image via Rachel Cooks

Another confession: I'm a firm believer that everything looks and tastes better in bite-size version. I'm talking mini bacon & parmesan quiches, gazpacho in shot glasses or brownie hearts here. There's something so appealing about food that can be devoured in one or two bites. Do you agree? So naturally, I couldn't help but fall in love with these gorgeous mini meyer lemon parfaits. Not only are they insanely cute, it also blows my mind how easy it is to make a homemade curd. Pretty and easy to make will forever be a win-win in my book!

Tell me, guys, have you tried any great lemon-inspired recipes lately? If so, be sure to share in the comments, I would love to explore more options!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Inspired by: I've got lemons on my mind

Maybe it's the dreary and cold January weather (I'm soo over winter. Anyone else there with me?), or the greyish slush covering the streets (so long, winter snow), or the slight post-holiday slump, but I've been pinning nothing but lemons for the past couple days. Maybe it's because their vibrant yellow color reminds me of the sunshine I've been craving so much lately. I couldn't even tell why, but these pictures are really making me smile right now. (this gal is so easy to please sometimes!)

What makes you happy today? Let me know!

Image sources: one: White on Rice Couple // two: Rustic Garden Bistro // three: Vintage Rose Garden // four: Helene via Flickr // five: Mickie G via Flickr // six: Victoria via Flickr // seven: White on Rice Couple // eight: White on Rice Couple // nine: Michelle Smith via Flickr // ten: Veronika Studer via Flickr // eleven: Con Poulos

Friday, January 2, 2015

Shopping: 2015 Planners

Image via

One of my most important new year resolutions for 2015 (yes, I'm still making them!) is to get organized. Don't get me wrong, I'm far from being a complete mess when it comes to planning and making things happen, but I still rely heavily on my own memory. Which, considering my workload and the number of professional and personal projects I'll be juggling this year, isn't the smartest option. I don't want to scramble to find the perfect last-minute birthday gift anymore, and I don't want to realize at midnight that I forgot to send that important purchase order again. And I finally want to start using my to-do lists effectively. Right now, they are scattered all over the place and accross all the platforms (post its! notebooks! my phone! you name it). Enter the need for the perfect multitasking planner. I've been using my Kate Spade agenda for several months, and I still love it (despite the fact that the poorly executed gold dots started to fade away pretty much immediately). But I came to realize that the week-on-two-pages system doesn't quite work for me. I need more space to jot down all my daily tasks, plans and ideas, that's why a daily planner seems like the perfect option. And when it comes to planners, Kikki K definitely has the cutest and the prettiest options. Below are my favorites - I'm completely smitten with the glamorous gold leather one! Which one would you pick?

Tell me, how do you stay organized throughout the year? What system do you use? Where do you pick your planner?

one: Gold leather A5 daily planner

two: Every day is a new adventure A5 diary

three: 2015 Large daily diary

four: Make the most of every day weekly diary

five: Light pink leather A5 daily planner

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