Friday, October 9, 2015

Weekend list #8

Random fact: on a whim, I've decided to take this Friday off. I never do that - quite the contrary, I can sometimes be found working on Saturdays and on holidays. But the work has been a little bit slower this week and I wanted to take an advantage of it, and catch up on other aspects of my life that have been put on a backburner. Aside from the obligatory cleaning out of my apartment and car I'm also planning a few fun activities that I'm really excited about. I wish you all a lovely weekend!

This is what'll go down over the next three days:

Image via my Instagram

1) Girls' night in. Despite the fact that one of my best friends lives only about 50 kilometers away from me, we don't see each other all that often. While I've been so busy with work and renovating my apartment, she's been playing a social butterfly, having some event almost each weekend in the past few months. Lucky thing, we were finally able to find one weekend in our planners when we're both available, and she's arriving on Friday for a slumber party. I'm so freaking excited that we'll finally be able to properly catch up while noshing on delicious homemade pizza (yum!)

Image via Home via Laura

2) Spending some time thinking about my blogging "why" and my blog goals. I've been slowly but surely easing my way back to the blogging world, and while it makes me super excited and motivated, it's also got me thinking more about why I really want to dedicate my free time to this space, what I want this blog to be like and what I want to be sharing with all of you. I'm thinking of doing a visual inspiration board that would hold all my "why's, what's and how's". Have you ever done this? If so, I would love to read about your experience!

Image via Cider with Rosie

3) Making a dent in my October reading list. I've been simultaneously reading Jojo Moyes' After you (Jojo at her best - so far it's great!) and Simon Sinek's Start with why, testing out Meg's strategy to always be reading one business-related book during the day to get me fired up, and one fiction book at night to wind down and relax. So far it works like a charm! My inner bookworm rejoices at the prospect of spending Sunday morning on the couch, turning the pages of a great read!

Image via First Showing

4) Seeing The Martian in theater. I've raved about the book already, but I'll gladly repeat myself. Read. it. Now! Seriously, it's so sooo good! And while I'm not usually one to get excited about books being turned into movies (I'll probably never get over how terrible the last three Harry Potter movies were), but I'm cautiously optimistic about this one. This is Ridley Scott, Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain we're talking about and the trailer was quite spectacular. I'm really curious to see the first man to grow potatoes on Mars on the big screen!

Image via Sanctuary

5) Tearing through my stack of magazines. I'm such a magazine hoarder it gets ridiculous. They are a huge source of inspiration, but lately, all I've been able to do is pile them up high on my nightstand (where they accidentally battle for my attention with these). Time to do something about it. I'll set aside some time to read through at least a few of them and sort them out into binders. Inspiration galore ahead!

What are you up to this weekend?

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