Friday, January 9, 2015

Weekend list #1

I guess I'm not overstating it when I say that I'm addicted to Pinterest. I mean, with more than 19 thousand pins under my belt, what else could I say? Sometimes when I get back home from work, there is nothing that I crave more than to curl up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate nearby and my iPad in hand, and to get lost in the rabbit hole of Pinterest for several totally guilt-free moments (sometimes hours, I'll admit that). It helps me forget the hustle and bustle of a workday, and switch my mind to something more creative and inspiring. 

A propos, pinspiration. I am totally guilty of that "I should totally do that someday" attitude when it comes to pinning. Over the years, I have pinned hundreds of pictures that made me think "this is wonderful, I can't wait to wear // cook // bake // DIY // photograph this on my own!". And then I never get around to actually doing it. Yep, a serious case of Pinner's remorse over here.

That's why I've decided to adopt a sort of "stop pinning, start doing" attitude. But as I learned in the past, simply listing things that I want to do, isn't enough. I am a very visual person, and it always helps me to have a visual reminder of projects I'm currently working on. So I have come up with an idea of a printable list of ideas, recipes and other things to try that could be pinned to my inspiration board, or attached to my daily planner with washi tape. I'm really looking forward to putting this first draft to a test this weekend. 

Tell me, how do you keep up with Pinterest inspiration? 

Image via She woke up one day
Find a quote that really speaks to you and fires you up, print it out and pin it to your inspiration board. Let yourself be inspired by it!

Invest in a beautiful new red lipstick for winter (I'm particularly coveting this one)

Image via Oh the lovely things

Print out this beautiful calendar by Oh the lovely things, and mark down all your exciting plans for 2015. (bonus: it's free!)

Image via HRH Collection

Enjoy a leisurely Sunday morning with a cup of coffee, a slice of delicious cake and the Sunday paper (or the book you're currently reading).

Image via Stylizmo
Tear images from home decor magazines, print out pictures from your favorite design blogs, and organize them in an inspiring home decor binder.

Image via Anna with love
Inspired by your new home decor binder, proceed to restyling your nightstand. Think pretty lamp, inspiring photos, stacks of book, your favorite scented candle and a bouquet of fresh (or silk) flowers.

You can download and print out this list following this link. Select "Print two pages per sheet" option, than cut the sheet to suit your chosen A5 planner.

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