Saturday, August 23, 2014

Weekend notes & link love #16

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one: If there's someone in the blogging world that I truly admire and who never fails to inspire me, it's Erin. Her way with words is incredibly powerful and inspiring! (via Design for Mankind)

two: Preserve your life, or how one writer tried to live a life inspired by Blake Lively's new venture for one day. Hilarious. (via Vanity Fair)

three: Loved this honest and wise-words-packed interview with one of my favorite authors, Emily Giffin. (via The Everygirl)

four: I love eggs. Always have, always will, no matter what the current food trend may be. And I can't wait to give every single recipe on this list a try! (via The Effortless Chic)

five: These images and their story are so powerful! (via My Modern Met)

six: This is probably my favorite Behind the blog feature this year. Those photos of Paris will never cease to pull at my heartstrings! (via Style me Pretty Living)

seven: I've subscribed to Elle & Co. Library and I literally can't get enough of all the printable goodies: note cards, art prints, household lists, you name it. Genius! (via Elle & Co.)

eight: I've been swooning over this stunningly beautiful office space for ages. Pastel perfection. (via Style me Pretty living)

nine: Wouldn't this be the perfect unfussy, chic and fun-filled bachelorette party? (via Camille Styles)

ten: Powerful life and business lessons that Richard Branson learned from Nelson Mandela. (via Inc.)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekend notes & link love #15

one: How to get out of the comparison trap. Thank you, Camille, for these honest and inspiring words! (via Camille Styles)

two: These might as well be the prettiest macaron photographs I've seen so far. Also, the chestnut & champagne combo? Mind-blowing! (via Mowielicious)

three: A very interesting article on earning money from blogging and the so called "selling-out". I think that Holly's husband pretty much nailed it. (via Decor8)

four: Fell head over heels in love with this black, white and gold office space. The best part? So many items featured are DIYs! Definitely worthy of a pinning spree! (via Homey Oh My!)

five: Now this is one giant DIY bouquet! I'm swooning. (via Paper & Stitch)

six: These photos of Lake Como give me the severest case of wanderlust. I would love to book a trip stat! (via Style me Pretty Living)

seven: 17 reasons why the French rule the culinary world. (via Huffpost Taste)

eight: Who doesn't need a gold & marble Ikea hack in their lives? (via Style me Pretty Living)

nine: Just reading Lindsay's words about the perfect simple poached egg and avocado toast makes me want to eat the stuff all. day. long! Simplicity rules! (via A pinch of yum)

ten: DIY Fruit macarons. Need I say more? (via Sugar and Cloth)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Little luxuries #4

This column is all about the things that catch my eye. Little, or not-so-little details that make life more beautiful, enjoyable, chic and glamorous. And the best part? They all come sans the hefty price tag. What could be better? If you have your own list or ideas, don't hesitate to share them in the comments: I'm always eager to try and discover new things!

Today, it's all about the office accessories.

one: Of course, I had to include this one! Ever since it arrived, my Kate Spade large agenda has barely left my side. I use it to jot down inspiring quotes, schedule my blog posts and tick off blog-related to do lists. It will soon hold my bucket list and list of my dreams and big plans, and just thinking of it makes me giddy with excitement. The effect that gold polka dots have on me!

two: I'm very picky when it comes to pens. I hate when they are too thick and I hate when they are too thin. I'm just weird like that. Please tell me I'm not the only one. I've discovered Stabilo Point 88 when I first arrived in France, and I never looked back. They are just perfect for me, and the fact that they come in 20 different shades makes this color-loving gal really happy. 

three: I know. I know. Everyone and their grandmother are obsessed with Kate Spade lucite & gold stapler. I can't even go on Pinterest anymore, and not see at least a dozen creep up on me. But to be honest, I'm still trying to figure out my love-hate relationship with lucite. But this adorable pink set, that's a whole different story. It's sturdy enough to actually be put into use every day in the office, and it has the most perfect pearlescent pink color you can imagine. (I'm waxing poetic about a stapler. Clearly there's something wrong with me.)

four: Having friends all around the world means that Skype is very high on my personal world's-seven-wonders-list. And this glamorous rose gold retro handsed arrives right at Skype's heels. This cutie has survived some pretty epic several-hours-long chats with my best friend in Paris, and it most probably prevented me from becoming completely deaf from earbuds overuse. I owe it a lot. And it looks pretty on my desk.

five: Ikea makes me happy. That's a well-known truth. But I have never before shared the fact that Ikea's Paper section makes me positively giddy. I may or may not have spent a small fortune there, and I still can't get enough. Cheap thrills tend to add up quickly, you knew that? Funny enough, the star-shaped paper clips manage to make even the tedious task of filing business papers fun. Ok. Let's not exaggerate. Almost fun. 

Now tell me, what are the little luxuries that are making your life lovelier?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Beauty: Wedding hair inspiration

Image via The Beauty Department

When it comes to my brother and his wedding, the fact that time flies too fast rings truer than ever. I still remember that day more than a year ago, when he came home to announce that he was getting hitched. One year seemed like such a long stretch of time then, and August 2014 seemed eons away. And yet, here I am, less than three weeks away from the big day, wondering where the time has gone, and obsessing over the last details (the clutch! the hair! the makeup!). I'm proud to say that I have my dress since Easter (never happened to me before!), my dancing shoes since last October and my evening clutch is already on its way. But I'm still pretty much in the dark when it comes to beauty. Let's start with the hair, shall we?

I've been scouring Pinterest for days, searching for the perfect "do" that will get me from the morning ceremony, through the afternoon banquet, straight into the crazy night of fun and dancing (I've met my brother's friends - I know what to expect). For a while I was toying with the idea of an embellished wavy half-updo (this one is rather stunning) but in the end I had to admit that it wasn't going to happen. For one thing, my hair never stays wavy for long, unless it's doused in three bottles of hairspray. Not glamorous. Secondly, since it's a summer wedding, chances are that the temps will be in the thirties, and I really really hate my hair in my face and on my neck in the heat (I practically live in a top knot all summer long).

So after a great deal of browsing and pinning, I could finally see a pattern emerging: low, chic, glamorous but unfussy chignon. I could live with that. I'm still unsure of which photo(s) I'll be taking to my stylist on the morning of 30th, but at least, I now have an idea of what I'll be asking for.

Next? Makeup, of course. Stay tuned!

Image via

one: Simple, but oh-so-chic

Image via

two: How cute are the flowers weaved through the braid?

Image via

three: I'm the world's biggest magpie, and I love the idea of an embellished comb peeking from a low teased chignon...

Image via

four: ... or should I outglam 'em all, and go all out with a statement hairpiece?

Image via

five: This one's probably the most intricated and complicated, but it packs so much wow factor! Would love to do it, if I had more prep time!

Image via

six: The epitome of understated glamour.

Image via

seven: This one screams Parisian chic to me.

Image via

eight: It's all about the twist!

So, tell me now, which one is your favorite?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Real talk: Good things take time

Just a little note for my impatient self. A lot has been going on in my life lately, some of it great, some of it not so much. My brother is getting married in less than three weeks. Eek. Last week I came down with a nasty flu that had me exhausted and cranky for days (you know you're an entrepreneur when you can't even take one sick day!). Hence no blogging. 

But on a much more positive note, I've finally seriously dived into that whole apartment-hunting business, which makes me pretty excited, but also kind of scared. Change is always scary, don't you think? But it's also really rewarding if you learn to embrace it, one obstacle at a time. Dipping my toes into the real estate market has been so much fun - trying to decipher the real estate language, visiting apartments all over the city, talking to real estate agents and evaluating the neighborhoods. I haven't even found THE place yet, but I'm already decorating it in my mind. Am I crazy? Perhaps. But it's something I'm infinitely looking forward to - living on my own again, and making the place all "me". Will you keep your fingers crossed for me?

Have a lovely and successful week!

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