Friday, August 1, 2014

Real talk: Taking my 2014 back

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When I was watching the midnight fireworks on the New Year's Eve, I kept wishing for one thing. Not for money, not for a boyfriend, not for a new beginning. I kept wishing for the time to slow down, for my days and weeks to stop rushing by so fast. I kept wishing for me to slow down and enjoy my time more fully and better. And guess what. I'm sitting here today, wondering how the heck it's August already. August! Seriously. This need to stop. Right here, right now. How did it even happen? When did my Moleskine daily planner stop being my best ally, and became my worst enemy?

I haven't seen some of my friends for months. I practically missed the first anniversary of me becoming an entrepreneur. I can't remember the last time I took a few days off work and did nothing but relax and recuperate. That's a pretty miserable conclusion, even for someone who loves and values her job as much as I do. And I blame it on the "busy". And the "hustle". Those two words that are supposed to be every entrepreneur's best friends, but which sometimes become the bane of our existence.Work-life balance issues, anyone?

So, my dear calendar, I'm telling you here and now, that I'm taking my 2014 back! I'm not going to sit here on the 31st of December and ask myself "where the hell did the 2014 go? What did I do with the whole year?" and not know the answers. I recently watched this Matt Cutts' TED talk, and it inspired me to try my own 30-day challenges. I already have a mile-long list of things and activities I want to try, but if there's one that really stands out from the crowd, it's keeping a daily journal. I've been writing into this little notebook for the past year and it's been so much fun, but I kept telling myself that 6 lines simply weren't enough for me. There are so many things that happen to me every day, so many people I encounter, so many little things that merit to be remembered, so many memories I want to keep and cherish forever. So I started to type everything down on my iCalendar. And it's an improvement, but it still doesn't feel ideal. I've always been (and always will be) a pen-and-paper kind of gal and it simply doesn't feel right. I don't trust my iPhone with all my secrets when it can be so easily stolen or broken down.

Something that truly inspired me to rekindle my love of journaling was my recent rediscovery of my old journals from high school. I spent an entire afternoon perusing those 15-year old entries, sometimes laughing out loud, sometimes cringing, sometimes suppressing a snort of derision, sometimes becoming plain old nostalgic. All those stories about meeting my first boyfriend. Breaking up with him. Having my heart broken in return. Falling in love again... Can you beleive that I used to write down every single text message I got from the boys? All of them. And I'm not even ashamed to admit it! I'm so glad I did because none of my old cell phones work anymore, and I would have lost all those funny, witty, tacky and romantic memories. How wonderful that my trusted pen and paper have never failed me!

Feeling beyond inspired, I went all out and bought too many beautiful notebooks to even count (Rifle Paper Co. and Sugar Paper, I'm looking at you!) and I'm planning to dedicate a few moments each night to jotting down the best (and also the worst) about my day-to-day life). I'm pretty sure that if I rediscover those journals in 10-20 years I will be just as delighted, sentimental and thankful as I am now! Watch me, you crazy calendar!


  1. I feel exactly the same way about time going far too quickly. I also agree about relying too heavily on the iphone for noting things and worrying that it may not be permanent. I can never resist a stylish notebook and the ones here are gorgeous.

  2. Ivana @ Macarons and PearlsAugust 1, 2014 at 7:30 PM

    It makes me happy to find a kindred spirit :) I think it's such a pity that our iPhones and iPad replaced so much of our note-taking. I guess I'll never be able to rely 100% on any technological device - I'd never be able to give up my notebooks, paper agenda and post-its :) Thank you so much for stopping by, and have a fabulous weekend!

  3. My Great Wishing is: if you can take alook with some Black skinnie jeans and some Leather JAcket with some Pink Touches! :) <3! This would be great to see more Outfits in your Style ;) !

  4. I know what you mean Ivana. I feel like this year is flying by quicker than I even realize. I'm really glad to hear you're taking back your life and stepping back to actually enjoy and cherish those special memories as you create them. As we rely so much on technology these days I find myself missing the personal touch of notes and journals as well. I was cleaning the other week and found a box with all the notes/letters that my husband and I exchanged when we were dating and I was so grateful that we started dating in an age before cell phones were a mainstay. Enjoy your beautiful calendars and years from now you'll be enjoying them all over again :)

    Hope you're well sweetie! I started an email to you that I really need to finish and send.

    Rowena @ rolala loves


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