Thursday, October 31, 2013

Real talk: Life away from blog

I have to confess, it feels a little bit weird, typing a few words into this little blogger box again. It's also funny, finishing this post today, when I originally started to write it about 6 weeks ago. I wasn't exactly planning on going all MIA on you, but these things happen, don't they?

Blogging has always been a source of great happiness and satisfaction in my life. It allows me to explore and develop my passions and creativity, to learn new things and acquire new skills practically every day, to grow as a person and to connect with dozens of amazing and inspiring people all around the globe.

And yet, truth be told, lately I've been feeling really qualmish, burned out and strangely disconnected from all those things that usually make me enthusiastic and passionate. I haven't cooked or baked something "just for fun" in forever. All my recipes were thought, arranged, styled and adjusted to be blog-appropriate. My bedroom / home office makeover that I was so eager to share with you, still doesn't feel good enough to be published. And I haven't shot an outfit post in months because all I feel like wearing right now are jeans and sweaters (not really a groundbreaking fashion choice, I'll admit, but very comfortable).
Every blogging manual that you read will tell you that the consistency is of utmost importance. And it is important, but it shouldn't take prominence over the quality of the content and the joy that you feel producing it. I feel like I've been churning out my posts every. single. day. without properly editing them, just for the sake of that proverbial "consistency". I was constantly feeling like a dog chasing its tail, running after something I couldn't reach.

Add to the list the fact that things weren't exactly all smooth and perfect in the work department either (you may remember that I'm running a freelance consulting business by day - and that is what's paying my bills.). I'll spare you the details. Let's just say that shit happens, and when it does, it's usually all over the place. And slowly but steadily, this blog got on a back-burner. I never wanted for it to become a burden, but it started to feel like one. A radical solution was required.

And so I disappeared from the blogland. Completely. And all that time I haven't even checked my site. I wasn't interested in my stats, I ignored anonymous spam comments (in fact, Disqus took good care of them, sending them right where they belong - to the trash), I wasn't even reading other blogs.

Instead, I was taking care of myself and my personal life. After years spent talking about it, I'm finally swimming again once a week. I've taken on yoga class and it's doing wonders to my back mistreated by hours spent in front of my laptop. I finally took time to register as a bone marrow donor.

I saw one of my best friend though her wedding day as her bridesmaid, not once thinking of instagramming my outfit, her bouquet or the decor. I was too busy being happy for her.
And in order to step out of my comfort zone, I've been attending weekly wine tastings at my favorite wine shop. Alone. Apart from getting to discover a few truly delicious Slovak wines, I was especially able to get to know plenty of new people I might never have met in my usual "circles". It's a priceless experience.

All this to say, that there really is a delightful life offline, outside work and blogging. You just have to make time for it. To clarify things for those of you who asked: no, I'm not planning to quit blogging altogether. I love it too much, it makes my life that much more beautiful and I'm unable to fathom a life sans this wonderful creative outlet. I just want to be smarter about the workload I'm accumulating.  I have to remember that this blog is still a hobby, not my full-time career. The time I spend here should reflect this fact.

I already feel that familiar itch to sit down and write, to collect and curate my inspiration and to share my thoughts and loves with you. I'm just trying to figure out the best possible schedule and system that would make me feel inspired and energized, instead of drained and exhausted. I may not be terribly consistent in the beginning, I may post only three times a week, instead of daily. And you know what? That's fine by me. I only want to write about things I love an am passionate about. I want this little blog to bring me and you only joy and inspiration. Thank you for sticking with me! Here's to the new, charming beginnings.

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