Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My week with peaches: Clafoutis & Bellini

These past few weeks I've been literally submerged in fresh fruit and veggies. Between raiding my parents' garden and my four weekly stops at the farmers' market, fruit and vegetable salads are practically everything I eat these days. However, yesterday, I found myself craving something sweet, but more substantial. And instead of diving into a tablet of chocolate (which used to be my regular choice in such situations), I've decided to bake another variation on my favorite summer cake. Clafoutis is definitely something you can whip up in mere minutes, without spending your entire afternoon by your stove. I swapped the apricots and lavender from my last recipe for perfectly ripe peaches and a bunch of plums from our garden. And since I already was in a full "peach mode", I whipped up a simple Bellini to accompany my cake. No need to tell you that between the sweet dessert and a little bit of bubbly, my evening was just perfect!

Peach and plum clafoutis

You'll need:

* 4 large peaches, pitted
* 10 small plums, pitted.
* 200ml whipping cream
* 1 tsp honey (optional)
* 1 egg
* 100g all-purpose flour
* 75g caster sugar

1. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Butter a round pie mold.
2. Cut the peaches and plums in 4 and place them on the bottom of buttered mold. Drizzle with honey (optional).
3. Blend together flour and sugar, add whole egg and whisk together. Little by little, add cream and continue whisking.
5. Pour the batter over the fruit. You should fill two thirds of the mold.
6. Bake for 30-35 minutes (use a skewer to verify that the batter is well baked).
7. Let cool down. Serve with a cup of delicious cappuccino, or, like me, with a flute of peach Bellini.

Peach Bellini

You'll need:

* 2 ripe peaches
* 2 tsp caster sugar
* 1 shot of grappa (technically, you should use peach schnapps, but I didn't have any, so I just picked the first thing that struck my fancy in our bar cart)
* chilled Prosecco

1. With the help of blender or smoothie maker, purée the peaches and sugar. Put the mixture in the fridge for one hour.
2. When chilled, add a shot of grappa and blend some more.
3. Divide into two champagne flutes, then top with Prosecco. Give it a good stir, and serve immediately.

Bon appétit & Cheers!

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  1. thanks for sharing this delicious cake! it looks so yummy!

  2. Ivana, you're totally on the roll!! I can almost smell and taste this clafoutis!

    Have a great Wednesday beauty!

  3. Yum! They both look delicious! Hm, I'm hungry now :)

  4. Sam @ Frills & ThrillsAugust 7, 2013 at 2:28 PM

    Hi sweety, so great that you can raid your parents garden of all wonderful fresh fruit. This dessert looks so delicious. Now I know what else can be done with plums, thanks

  5. that cake looks sooo delicious! i love peach flavors in the summer :)

  6. What a gorgeous cake, i don' drink bellini but I' d really love to have a slice of thet plum!

  7. Hi Ivana! Thanks a lot for stopping by! Have missed you so much you know!:) So glad to read your comment, hope life is treating you very well dear!:) I get you, fruit and veggies are what I also eat during these hot days, your cake looks so yummy, I would love to eat a piece! And you know, Bellini is one of my fav drink, so sweet and bubbly!:) You are so great to cook:) Kisses dear, take care! xo

  8. Omg, Delicious!

  9. Thank you for this recipe. Im gonna try it out this weekend :)

    Martin from

  10. This looks so delicious - yummy!


  11. Summer is definitely the best time to enjoy fresh fruits and veggies and it looks like you're taking full advantage of it in the most delicious ways Ivana! I'm not really much of a drinker but Beliini's are one of the few drinks I enjoy. Your peach bellini looks so good! I'm inspired when I eat out as well cause there are just flavor combinations I wouldn't think of and I'm glad I can pass it on. I hope we'll be abel to dine together one day in NY or Paris perhaps :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  12. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!

    This looks PERFECT. Seriously!

    Have the best day ever,


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