Monday, April 8, 2013

Trend report: Floral pumps

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It's really impressive, what a little bit of sunshine can do to my mood and spirit. We had such a beautiful weekend that left me full of energy, inspiration and willingness to tackle my mile-long to do list. It looks like the spring is slowly easing its way into central Europe (about time, too!) and although I'm still wearing turtlenecks and my military coat in the morning, I'm already getting more and more excited about spring trends.
There is one element I'll be definitely incorporating into my spring and summer wardrobe (as soon as mother Nature permits): beautiful floral pumps. There's hardly anything more feminine than a fabulous pair of high heels, but throw the floral print in the mix, and you get the epitome of sophisticated style. Plus, floral heels are surprisingly versatile (as demonstrated below): whether it's a classic black skirt, trendy high-low skirt or a pair of boyfriend jeans, you can wear them with practically anything in your closet. If you want to invest your money in only one pair of spring shoes this season, they should rock the floral print.

What is your spring go-to shoe? Are you planning to invest in a gorgeous floral pair this season?

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  1. I love florals on anything, esp. on pumps, they look so pretty and girly :)

  2. I love florals anywhere! You look super in yours, perfect shoes x

  3. A little sunshine can indeed go along way to lift our spirits. I'm so glad to hear the weather was beautiful for your weekend. It was gorgeous in NYC too. I love how you wear your floral footwear. It's like having a bit of Spring on your feet isn't it :) I'm totally inspired to bring out my floral wedges after reading your post.

    Have a wonderful week sweetie!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. These are all so pretty! I love the first pair, but the Loft ones are (bonus!) in my price range :)

    Love the ways you've styled yours

  5. Love how you rocked the shoe trend! I've been meaning to buy myself a pair and hopefully will soon because they're so beautiful.

  6. Lovely post Ivana and thank you for your e.mail (will e.mail back ;-)
    Enjoy the Spring weather as it creeps in (lovely day here in London today) xx

  7. I love florals - I definitely don't own enough items featuring them. I keep going back and forth on whether I want to experiment with floral heels, though. They're so pretty, but given that I do a ton of walking, I can't necessarily justify more shoes that I'll barely be able to wear. Maybe I'll just live vicariously through all the other people wearing them.



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