Friday, April 5, 2013

On my bedside table, April edition

I'm really excited about my April reading list: there are only fabulous and inspiring books on it, and I wish I could take the whole month off, and not leave my couch until I browsed through all these volumes. Wouldn't that be fantastic? Of course, it's not going to happen any time soon, so I'll just stick to my favorite habit of bedtime reading: to me it's the perfect way to unwind and relax after a long and tiresome day in the office. 
Of course, as always, please, don't hesitate to share your current favorite reads: I'm always looking to add to my ever growing list! 

Without further ado, this is what I'll be reading in my bed this month:

Madeleine Albright: Prague winter. After finishing George Bush's Decision points, I'm continuing on the political memoir streak. Must be the political science & international relations major in me. Madeleine Albright is one of the most important figures of international affairs, a strong and inspiring woman. Plus, we share the same birth country (the former Chzechoslovakia), which makes me even more excited to read her personal story. She not only shares her own search for her roots, she also digs into parts of Chzech and Slovak history that are extremely interesting to me. 

Francis Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby. I have started to build my collection of beautifully bound Penguin classics (based on my 101 in 1001 list), and this gorgeous volume was my first purchase. Plus, with the premiere of Baz Luhrman's glorious movie adaptation only weeks away, I'm planning on diving into the enchanting world of Jay Gatsby to remember all the important details of the story. 

Martha Stewart: The Martha Rules. I'm already halfway through this book, and so far it's the best business advice book I've ever read! Martha has a very practical and no nonsense approach to building a business (cover your bases, don't go into debt, never stop learning and honing your craft) and this book is proving an invaluable resource in my own business plans. A must read for any budding entrepreneur!

Kati Marton: Paris, A love story. I'm a huge fan of memoirs (as seen above), and if they're written by successful and inspiring women, all the better. Throw the story centered around my favorite place in the world, Paris, in the mix and I'm in heaven. I'm anxiously awaiting to finally find this book in my mail, so I can live vicariously through Kati Marton's big Parisian love story. Can't wait!

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  1. I love Martha! Gotta get this book, there're never enough of wise advices :)

  2. Wonderful books!! I've seen those classic books re-bound in the pretty covers...have had those on my wishlist too. They are so lovely. The Paris story sounds beautiful, will have to look for that one!! I hope you've had a great week doll & wish you a fun weekend xx

  3. Great picks Ivana!!! I want to reread the Great Gatsby to get ready for the movie... which I cannot wait for! Happy Friday my beautiful friend :)

    Pearls & Paws

  4. I also treated myself to the whole set of the Penguin Classics editions of F. Scott Fitzgerald books, they're just so beautiful. I read 'The Great Gatsby' again last month and I am looking forward to the movie if only for my love of Carey Mulligan! <3

  5. Great list! I also reread Gatsby in anticipation of the new movie- I can't wait to see it!

  6. These all look like such wonderful reads Ivana! That Penguin edition of the The Great Gatsby is totally gorgeous! I would also love to be able to hole up somewhere for a month and just read. Finding the time to even read a magazine feels like such a luxury these days. I hope you'll enjoy these books and have an amazing weekend sweetie!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  7. Oh goodness, these all sounds fascinating. I'm definitely planning to re-read Gatsby soon! I'm so excited for the movie. Every time I see something about it, I just start making incoherent squeaking noises and bouncing. I think it amuses my floormates. It's just so exciting, because it's one of the few books I read in school that I loved!


  8. Hi Ivana, I'm so sorry I haven't been commenting. I've been really down lately and now I'm catching up with all the blogs as well as yours! <3

    I hope you enjoy your reads, I finished The Great Gatsby two months ago and I didn't like it at all, hahaha!! But I'm starting now with Science Fiction classics courtesy of my husband, right now I'm reading "A Brave New World" and to be honest is pretty scary how much it looks like the world we're living.

    I hope you're having a great weekend!
    Girls that glitter love the dark


  9. I'm reading a fabulous memoir called "Don't Let's Go To The Dogs Tonight" about a European woman who grew up in Africa during the '70s. I highly recommend it!

  10. I am making a note that I need to pick up that Martha Stewart book ASAP.


  11. WOW, your reading list looks great, Ivana ... and I haven't read any of them. The Paris memoir looks like a great read, I'll have to look it up! Hope all's well with you, sweet ... I'm coming up from air from constant work lately and dropping in on my buddies for a bit! ;) Hope you had a great weekend! xo ~S

    SANDY M Illustration

  12. Oh so gorgeous,sweetie!


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