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Glamorous wish list: Spring fragrances

Jo Malone Sugar & Spice Colognes

A drop of perfume has always been my perfect finishing touch before heading out the door. It may not be as visible as a killer pair of heels or a sparkling necklace, but it remains one of the most important accessories that can make or break an outfit. I, personally, wear perfume all the time. Even when I'm at home, and my only program is laundry / cleaning / lounging around in my pajamas (which, let's be honest never happens these days), I wear a drop (or two) of one of my favorite scents. I would feel naked without it.

At the same time, I've never been a proponent of having a signature scent. I find the idea of having only one perfume extremely boring, not to say constraining. There are too many beautiful, enchanting and seductive fragrances out there to stick to just a single one! There are currently 5 perfumes in my collection: Annick Goutal's Petite Chérie and Diptyque's Do Son have been on constant rotation ever since I brought them back home from my latest trip to Paris. I always find myself going back to Miss Dior and Love, Chloé, over and over again. And my latest find, Salvatore Ferragamo's Signorina came in the prettiest of bottles with a signature pink bow: it couldn't be any cuter (plus, it smells so fresh, girly and flirty).

With the spring finally condescending to make an appearance, I've found myself scouring the web and the beauty aisles in search of the new little enchanting bottles to add to my collection. I don't always make a distinction between summer and winter scents: I pick them according to my mood, my outfit and the style I want to be channeling on any given day (today, for example, I'm wearing a heavier and powdery Do Son, even if it could be qualified as a more wintery fragrance. It makes me feel chic and confident, no matter the time of year). However, I'm ready to add a few lighter fruity and floral scents to my routine. And these are the perfumes that have caught my eye and olfactory sense lately:

1. Diptyque Eau de Neroli. Buying my very first bottle of Do Son at Diptyque in Paris remains my best fragrance shopping experience to date. That's why it comes as no surprise that I'm dying to add another one of their scents to my collection. The Eaux collection is full of lighter versions of the classic perfumes, perfectly suited for warmer spring and summer days. Eau de Neroli pays tribute to the sunny and sensual orange blossom, combined with a touch of sparkling bergamot. The resulting scent is zesty, fresh and vibrant, perfect for those long summer days spent in the office, when you're in a desperate need of something refreshing, but you can't have your favorite citrusy cocktail delivered to your desk.  

2. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau so Fresh Sunshine. This sun-kissed rendition of the classic Daisy perfume can only be described as bright, radiant, carefree and playful. This vibrant cocktail of strawberries, apple blossoms, pink grapefruit, jasmine petals and violet leaves is perfectly anchored by the deeper base of oak moss and amber wood. Just typing this makes my mouth water!

3. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino. A trip to the glamorous Italian village of Portofino has been on my wish list for quite some time. But before I save up enough pennies to discover this charming and picturesque part of Italian Riviera through my own eyes, I will indulge in this lush and transportive cologne. Tom Ford created a marvelous composition where crisp citrus oils of Tunisian neroli, Italian bergamot, Sicilian lemon and winter white mandarin are paired with surprising notes of lavender and amber undertones that could transport me to the Italian coast whenever I feel like it.

4. See by Chloé. This eau de parfum is flirty, feminine, audacious, perfect for a women whose style can be described as modern and urban chic. It's build around sweet apple blossoms, paired with just the right touch of jasmine, ylang ylang and vanilla. Fruity and floral: that's all I want my perfect summer fragrance to be!

5. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb La Vie en Rose. Everything that promises to turn my day to day life into une vie en rose is bound to catch my attention. I am pretty sure that this decadent concoction of tangerine, bergamot, white flowers like lily of the valley and freesia, with a little touch of pink pepper is destined to make me see the world through rose-tinted glasses. And I'm more than ready to give this sophisticated and sparkling fragrance a try!  
Now it's your turn to tell me: do you switch your scents based on season or on your mood? Do you have a favorite spring or summer perfume? Are you going to give some of these fragrances a try?

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  1. Absolutely! I always switch between seasons. I love Penhaligon's Ellenisia in winter, then Dior's "Escale à Pondichéri", Annick Goutal's "Eau d'Hadrien" or Guerlain's "Herba Fresca" in spring and summer. I always wear a little perfume, for me it's part of being "fully dressed" :-) xo

  2. Hi Ivana, thanks for your sweet comment, they mean a lot to me. I am a bit of a fragrance hag, love trying out new exciting scents, so thanks for the update. From your excellently described reviews, I think i would like the Marc Jacobs sunshine because it sounds light and refreshing and the new one by Tom Ford sounds really intriguing as well. I always switch fragrances according to season or mood. Lighter scents for summer and heavier ones for winter.

  3. Flowerbomb is the only perfume I use and has been for the past seven years. I can't find anything that tops it so why bother changing? Lovely post though, I'm intrigued by the Tom Ford one, it sounds lovely.

  4. Despite all the fragrance samples sitting on my dresser, I'm so unadventurous when it comes to scents. I think I might just love my Stella fragrance too much. I'm totally inspired by your post to try something new now. The descriptions of your picks all sound so amazing and that Viktor & Rolf bottle is gorgeous. I have a sample of See by Chloe. I think I may try it out today :)

    I totally coveted the hot pink Hunter boots as well but I questioned their versatility. I kinda forgot about them once I got my Loeffler Randalls but I still think they're so stinking cute as well. LOL at your comment about putting them on your bookshelf :)

    Happy Wednesday! Hope your week is going well sweets!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. Lovely post. I've made a list of your choices so that I can go shopping with list in hand ;-)
    I was using a Bulgari summery fragrance (can't remember the name but comes in a light green bottle) and also Diroella by Christian Dior.
    Hope you are well Sweetpea xx

  6. I love my small collection of perfume, too. Lately, I've been drawn to my Marc Jacobs Dot and Banana Republic Classic because they're more spring timey :). And I'm always looking for new suggestions, so this is perfect!

  7. I've heard so many amazing things about the Jo Malone frangrances, I need to smell some

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  8. You selected some gorgeous perfumes. I'm totally in love with the Flowerbomb, but I think it's a bit too expensive for a bit of 30 ml smell. The one from Marc Jacobs is still on my wishlist, have to buy it sometime.


    Style of Purity

  9. Around this time of year I like to change to a lighter fragrance and have a couple of favourites. The Neroli Portofino is defintely a spring summer scent - gorgeous.

  10. I agree Ivana, some shoes are just pretty to look at but impossible to walk in! Thanks for your visit doll... Happy Friday!

  11. Love perfumes & I tend to change mine during the seasons!! All of these are lovely xx

  12. Lovely perfumes! I would love to get a new one for Spring as well :) xo ♥

  13. I love wearing fresh sweet perfumes!! I've always wanted to try Daisy by Marc Jacobs :)

  14. I don't have a signature one either, I like too many! And I also like to wear them o matter the scent in whatever season I choose.
    But some of my favourites are Halloween by Jesus del pozo, Chloé by Chloé, Nina by Nina Ricci, eau belle d'Azzaro; but the Jo Malone ones have been screaming my names for months! Hahaha!

    Have a wonderful weekend Ivana!
    Girls that glitter love the dark


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