Monday, March 11, 2013

Glamorous touch: Chic coffee table books

I've only just realized that my birthday is quickly approaching (less than 2 months to go) and it's time for me to choose my gifts. Great books (especially those beautiful coffee table volumes) are on top of my favorite gift list (a piece of jewelry wouldn't hurt either, but let's be realistic here, okay?), that's why I've decided to round up some gorgeous options I would love to call mine. This is not only my way to drop a subtle hint to my beloved ones, but also an inspiration for you, if you are on the lookout for a perfect gift for every stylish bookworm around you. 

1. Kate Spade: Things we love. If there is one brand that doesn't take itself too seriously and which believes that fashion should be fun, it's Kate Spade New York. For someone who loves flirty, feminine, colorful and chic fashion as much as I do, Kate Spade is the ultimate icon. Getting a peek behind the curtains and discovering what inspires their creative minds would be such a treat! Bold colors, dainty bows, statement jewelry and even easy and playful style tips, this book has it all. I've already reserved a very special spot on my coffee table for this gem, if only it would hurry up and arrive!

2. Paris by Hollywood. I love movies. I'm obsessed with books. And I adore Paris. And there is no other book that brings together these three passions of mine together in such a glamorous way. The American in Paris, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Sabrina or Midnight in all these movies (and in so many more), Paris was one of the principal characters, transforming from romantic to dangerous, from colorful to depressing, from playful to enigmatic. This book, full of exclusive interviews and unique photos explores 100 years of Tinseltown's relationship with Paris and it is a promise of great reading and beautiful visuals all in one neat little package. 

3. Edmonde Charles-Roux: The world of Coco Chanel, Friends, Fashion, Fame. Of all the authors who once attempted to retell the mysterious story of Coco Chanel, I think that Edmonde Charles-Roux was the only one (except maybe for Axel Madsen) who could successfully sift through the myths, half-truths and downright lies that Mademoiselle had spread around for all her life. Unhappy childhood, dramatic love life, friendships with the most notable artists of her time, and a lifelong of hard work and dedication, this book covers it all, and then some. Throw some 600 photos and illustrations in the mix, and you have the most beautiful and comprehensive coffee table book about Coco Chanel there is.

4. Hamish Bowles: Yves Saint Laurent, Style. With the catastrophe that's Hedi Slimane's latest collection for Saint Laurent, I've found myself going back to the life and work of the one and only YSL who, not unlikely Coco Chanel, influenced and transformed modern fashion in so many ways. Whether it's le smoking, safari jacket or a peasant blouse, Saint Laurent left us a fashion legacy that Slimane, with his skinny black pants and grunge plaids could never surpass. This book is the tribute to Yves Saint Laurent and his talent (plus, I'm sure that this bright pink book would look fantastic on even the most subdued of coffee tables!)

5. Breakfast at Tiffany's The official 50th anniversary companion. Every truly chic and classy girl out there must have seen this movie at least 5 times. This was the movie that turned Audrey Hepburn into a style icon, that placed Hubert de Givenchy in fashion spotlight, and this is the book that documents it all. Behind-the-scenes photos, facsimiles and even the shooting script, this book has everything to make an Audrey Hepburn lover's heart skip a beat. It's a keepsake tribute to one of the most glamorous movies that ever took place in New York City and it's a book that I'll surely be asking for for my upcoming birthday.

6. Robert Doisneau: Paris. My love for Robert Doisneau's photographs of Paris was born even before I set my feet on French soil for the first time. To me, black and white photographs are the most powerful: there is nothing (neither color, nor special effects) to distract you from the beauty of the scene and the depth of the captured story. And Doisneau was undoubtedly master in this domain. His photographs are supremely poetic, capturing not only the monuments that define the City of Lights, but also the Parisians who make Paris alive, and he captures them with love and tenderness. Doisneau's quotes about Paris (preferably in French) are just the perfect touch to make this book an incontournable for anyone who loves this beautiful city (and the whole country, for that matter) as much as I do.

Now tell me, what coffee table books are on your wish list right now?

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  1. Hi dear, i love reading about your book choices, you introduce me to new reads. I adore the youthfulness and prettiness of anything by Kate Spade, so that ought to be interesting. Paris by Hollywood sounds intriguing as well. I think Id be most interested to read the book on YSL, I really admire the brand, and seeing the journey they have taken us on would be great!

  2. These are super choices, love books on the table to read. I have a wishlist of books so long, haha! Some of these are on it too. I hope you are well doll & wish you a great day xx

  3. Those are super coffee table books! I really need to invest in some new ones. AND just maybe I should sit in my living room more often to enjoy it. lol Hope you are doing well Miss Ivana!!!

    1. PS - love your blurb about comments... FOLLOW ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you girl! xoxo

  4. such a great post!

    ( join the big CHOIES GIVEAWAY on the blog!!)

  5. Hi Ivana! I LOVE coffee table books, always at the ready inviting you to open them and see something you hadn't noticed before. These are great suggestions. I've looked at the Kate Spade book at the bookstore and it's on my wish list! So colorful and happy and a perfect place to go for inspiration. And I agree totally with you on the time change ... I never breathe a word of complaint in the spring when we spring ahead, but I do complain in the fall when we have to fall back and it makes days shorter again ... why, oh why, can't we stay in the spring ahead mode and enjoy the sunshine at the end of the day is what I say? Have a fabulous week, love! xo ~S

    SANDY M Illustration

  6. Books are such a lovely gift to give oneself! Your picks are so you Ivana :) I'm also coveting the YSL and Robert Doisneau Paris books. We don't actually have a coffee table so all my books live on the bookshelf which is totally full right now. I need to clean and organize it if I want any new ones LOL.

    Hope you're well and having a wonderful week so far sweetie!
    I've been good lately - just busy!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  7. Coffee table books are fun! I don't know that I have any specifically 'coffee table' sort of books on my list right now, but I'm just kind of waiting for another book in that "Dreaming of" series. Dreaming of Dior and Dreaming of Chanel are just so PRETTY and the stories Charlotte Smith tells that accompany the dresses are absolutely beautiful, and sometimes extremely funny. I'm pretty enamored with the series, so I'm definitely hoping for more. Though the Kate Spade book might be a very nice and fun one...

    Have a lovely day!

  8. These make nice presents as they always seem to nice and expensive to buy oneself!

  9. Ooh, my birthday is just a few days away, maybe I'll have to add a few of these to my wish list! :)

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