Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Paris Diaries: Divine food

Ladurée, Rue Bonaparte. Words can't describe how heavenly this place is!

Every time I browse through the photos from my recent trip to Paris, I'm positively giddy with joy and excitement (you can read my declarations of love to Paris here and here). Simply remembering that magical week spent in my favorite place in the world makes me realize how much I miss living there. This usually results in my brain getting all wired, plotting ways and ideas on how to return there sooner rather than later.

While sorting the pictures out, it struck me how many of them had food as the main focus. The truth is, I'm more than willing to enjoy delicious food wherever I go, and Paris, with its magical pastry shops, heavenly-smelling boulangeries, enchanting chocolateries and exceptionally great restaurants at almost every corner of the street is nothing less than a foodie heaven. Needless to say, I took full advantage of this, seized every opportunity to grab a delicious bite, and documented the whole process for your benefit (and mine too, since it's another motivation for me to return there, like I needed any). Let's take a gourmet tour together, shall we?

(Note: You can read the first installment of my Paris diaries here)

Maxi macarons at Paul. They are three times bigger than the regular ones, thus providing you with three times more happiness.

Ispahan at Ladurée. I think it's fair to say that I will remember this macaron / raspberry / lytchi cream concoction until my dying day. And I'm kind of obsessed with the china: simple, chic and oh-so-fabulous!

Cafe Pouchkine, a charming and tiny cafe at Printemps. A sweet reward after a long morning spent shopping (I know, it's a tough life, but somebody's got to do it, right?) Their gorgeous pastries were almost too beautiful to eat. Almost.

Cafe au lait at the legendary Cafe de Flore. As always, it was crowded and noisy, with the smiling and winking garcons seamlessly dancing in the tiniest passages between the tables, carrying trays loaded with coffee, hot chocolate and delicious sandwiches. A must.

Perfect French breakfast: a fluffy and buttery corissant devoured while planning my next adventure in the City of Lights. (I'm just wondering where did my coffee go).

Who would guess that too much shopping leaves you famished? Luckily, there is always a Paul or a Brioche dorée around the corner to save you. A salmon sandwich and a scrumptious tartelette aux framboises were all I needed to recuperate!

And on a slightly different note, thanks to my Parisian best friend H, with whom I was staying, I finally learned to make homemade sushi. And let me tell you: it's a lot easier than I've imagined and the results were far more satisfying than anything I've ever tasted in a restaurant. I have a feeling that this is going to become a huge staple in Macarons and Pearls headquarters!


  1. Everything looks soo delicious :)) I have to try making macaroons at home. You are lucky to have a friend in Paris. Your sushi looks really good!

  2. I made a similar post a year ago!
    missing Paris soooo much!
    happy 2012!

  3. You had me at macaroons... this all looks heavenly!!!!!

    Pearls & Paws

  4. What an incredible trip (do I keep writing that???) I think those Maxi macaroons are a GREAT idea! Great looking sushi too!

  5. Hi Ivana! Oh my, your post made me so starving!^^ you had for sure a nice food tour" in Paris! I dont know which is the most good thing:P Congrats for the sushi, I also would love to know who prepare it, looking forward for a post from you! Kisses dear!:*

  6. Ah!!! The macaroons have me drooling!!! I love it!!!
    Do stop over my blog too sometime doll!

  7. This is the most delicious post ever! And its the closest I'm going to get to Laduree, everything looks so decadent I and know it would be so much more special for you because of your love for baking. How yum does that Brioche doree look!

  8. I absolutely loved this post. It brought back all kinds of memories from Paris. It also made me 'Paris'-sick (as I like to call it). Cafe de Fleur was amazing and I would love to go there again and La Duree was a dream! I loved this post. Will there be more Paris posts??

  9. Sushi and macarons! Wow, I see only the best selections. This is the yummiest post I've seen today!


  10. Yes, it all just looks so divine! Sushi is my weakness! Happy new year. xo/Madison

  11. Everything looks delicious!


  12. omg those macarons look TO DIE FOR! I haven't been to Paris since 2005, I am dying to go back!! I just found your blog today - can't wait to read more! I love all things french as well! And your homeade sushi looks amazing!! yummy!! xoxo
    - Pam

  13. Isn't laduree amazing! I just love those images of the macaroons. Your blog is great, can't wait to read your new posts!
    Great post!
    Would love it if we could follow each other on bloglovin & GFC? Let me know & I always follow back.
    Lots of love from London.
    Love G xx

  14. Oh my gosh!!! Those macarons look amazing!!! I'd kill to eat one, hahaha!
    If I ever go to Paris and visit Laduree I'd be drooling over the floor and taking photos like mad!
    And the croissant looks so delicious! :D____

    BTW, I wrote you an email <3

    Girls that glitter love the dark

  15. This looks divine! If I had one regret from my trip to Paris, it would be that I didn't eat enough dessert :)

  16. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! Those desserts and sushi look amaaaazing! I wanna learn how to make sushi! Delicious post!

    xo, Mal
    Pastels and Mascara

  17. Everything you ate looks SO SO delicious, Im drooling. I cant wait to see your shopping haul!



  18. Ah, genuine French macarons! I just had some today, but not from Paris, unfortunately;) The trip and all the food looks simply amazing!


  19. That sushi looks so fresh and delicious!!! Isn't Laduree exquisite?? I also have a love affair with all things French. Hope you had a wonderful time shopping!!

    Love from South Africa



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