Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October wish list

October has rolled in inconspicuously, and with all the dramatic changes happening around here, I think a little retail therapy is in order. All my favorite brands have been coming up with gorgeous fall and winter pieces, and I've spent an insane amount of time trying to narrow down my favorites to a reasonable scale. And of course, I failed because there are just too many perfect items, to choose only a few. At least I can console myself with the fact, that they are all quite reasonably priced. Right?

1. Dorothy Perkins blue baroque peplum dress, $59: I have been dreaming about a perfect baroque dress for ages. The one that won't look too costume-y and out of place, and this is just the perfect option! It has an amazing cut, a stunning blue and silver color and a peplum as a bonus. This beauty simply needs to be mine!

2. Asos Bonjour sweater, $48.29: Anything with French inscription is a winner in my book. Plus, this sweater has the prettiest pink color in the world. I need it. Desperately.

3. Limited edition 3 pack cameo brooch pack, $16.38: These would be perfect to embellish all my fall/winter coats and jackets and give them a new twist.

4. Dorothy Perkins cream snake flapover clutch, $25: I think I already have at least ten clutches in my closet (most of them by Dorothy Perkins), but that definitely won't prevent me from buying another one! Who could resist that pretty nude color, snakeskin print and gold details? Certainly not me!

5. Asos Multipack of rhinestone Oui & Non bracelets, $17.25: I think this one is already explained in n.2. I've been in love with French language forever, so why couldn't I wear a few French words on my wrist?

6. ModCloth Regiment to be coat, $104.99: Military trend was all over Fall runways and it's almost impossible to escape it this season. So I'm not even going to try. But instead of buying some camo slacks, I'd rather wear this glamorous, feminine and classy coat. It's the best proof, that even the military trend can be done in a sophisticated way!

7. Asos super soft long gloves, $7.76: I can already see myself wearing these with a fabulous black cape and a statement bag dangling on my forearm...of course, I need to find that perfect fabulous black cape first! Any suggestions?

8. Dorothy Perkins white lace contrast dress, $79: This dress is the epitome of glamour to me: form-fitting cut, pristine white color and chic black lace. Add a perfect red lipstick, sky high black patent leather pumps and you'll be your most fabulous self ever.

9. Dorothy Perkins blush lace print top, £28: While cleaning out my closet for new season, I realized how very few pretty tops I own. I have stacks upon stacks of cotton t-shirts, but when it comes to blouses, I'm at a loss. I'm determined to remedy that, and this blush & lace number would be a great piece to start with.

10. ModCloth Lovin spoonfuls set, $7.99: Baking would be so much more fun with these! Aren't they the most adorable thing ever?

11. Limited edition rose drop earrings, $12.93: My Facebook followers already know that I've been obsessing over these particular earrings quite a lot. The most important question was: pink or green? I finally purchased the pink pair, but have been thinking about the green one ever since. I should probably just buy it and get it over with!

12. ModCloth Carpe Diem journal, $13.99: I am constantly jotting down ideas and inspirations wherever I go. I always carry at least two notebooks in my purse, and I have quite a collection at home, but it's never enough! This one caught my eye with its gorgeous cover and inspiring quote on the cover.

13. ModCloth Housewarm and tasty bowl set, $32.99: My morning cereals, or a steaming café au lait, would taste even better served in these adorable bowls.

14. ModCloth World Wide Web celeb iPad case, $39.99: I am quite embarrassed to admit, that a year after I purchased my iPad in New York, I still wasn't able to buy him a proper case. I don't consider myself exceptionally picky, I just didn't find one that would fulfill all my expectations. Until now. After all, the inscription "Paris makes me happy" fits me like a glove. Beautiful and chic, and if there was an iPhone cover to match, I would buy it on the spot!

15. ModCloth Magenta agenda coat, $129.99: Forget the winter greys. This magenta coat would make me happy even on those dreariest, cold and dark winter mornings!

16. Asos heart sheer tights, $10.35: These require absolutely no explanation at all. Cutest, Thing. Ever!

Do you have your own October wish list? Which items are you planning to add to your wardrobe this month? Please, do share!


  1. Oh wow you have so many pretty things on your Wish List this month!

    I adore that Modcloth Regiment coat!! But also really like the bowl set, journal and iPad case - you have such great taste! :-D



  2. Number 2,6 and 16 please ;) xx

  3. I love this month's list! The first dress is gorgeous and I think it would look amazing on you! I love the coats too....and the gloves....and the measuring spoons....and the bowls....yes! A great list!!

  4. Love all of these picks! Such pretty and perfect items!


  5. Very nice wishlist Ivana! Id like to get the first dress too!:) Kisses!

  6. love the brooches and the oui/non bracelets! :)

  7. naice naice naice!


  8. Awww...your wish list is so perfect it got me wishing too for that Bonjour sweater!!!


  9. Ivana, I want 1, 6, 8, 12, 14, 15 and 16! LOL These are so exquisite girl! Hope you get all of them. How are you? Hope all is well.

  10. Thanks for your comment! Love the dress (number8.)

    Now following you via gfc and bloglovin.


  11. i love that first dorothy perkins dress! it is definitely on my wish list :)

    xo SideSmile,

    SideSmile Style Blog

  12. I saw tat sweater a few days back and thought of you! I love it and the brooches too :)

  13. Hi Ivana, Thanks for stopping by The Avenue Vee, your comment made my day! :) Lovely wish list you have here. I find that at the beginning of every season you always feel like you want more things.. My favorite from you list is the Dorothy Perkins cream snake flapover clutch, for some reason I have been very into animal print lately!

    Glad we found eachother..I am now follower 605 :)

    xx - Vee

  14. That coat is fabulous! Wish they had it in XS.

  15. I love everything on here! All so feminine and fancy :)

    Xo, Rachel


  16. I'll take one of everything, please :) So pretty!



  17. Gorgeous things, no wonder they're on your wishlist! They're definitely something that make me thing of you :D ♥

  18. Lots of pretty things - I love the Modcloth bowls.

  19. I want that asks sweater as well! I've been eyeing it for a few months now!

  20. That peplum dress is a beautiful pick and I thought it would be way more pricey! Affordable, classic and gorgeous!


  21. that lace top is beautiful!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my new giveaway to win a dixi arrow bracelet. it's worldwide :)


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