Thursday, October 25, 2012

DIY: Memory box

For all my life, I've been battling my hoarding tendencies (see an example here): I've always had a hard time getting rid of things. Magazines, books, jewelry, name it, I have it. But recently, I've been trying to get things under control and learn to edit. Funny enough, I have no problem editing my closet several times a year, and throwing away (or more often donating) things that I don't wear and love anymore. But I still have a long way to go before I can call my place streamlined and decluttered. 

There is one thing however that I will never ever get rid of: my souvenirs. I had one shelf in my closet, packed with boxes of various sizes, full of photos, old letters (yeah, I once lived in a world without email, crazy, I know!), theater tickets and museum brochures. My own memory can be fickle, and I love the fact that I can get lost in my souvenirs any time, and remember the beautiful and funny things that happened to me. 

However, the way I used to  store these souvenirs was neither practical, nor systematic. That's where this easy DIY project came handy. I found the biggest shoe box possible and used the same technique as here to cover it with beautiful pink wrapping paper. And since I wanted its purpose to be easily recognizable, I chose a bunch of vintage postcards from Paris (that I buy in stacks every time I'm in my favorite city in the world) and secured them on the lid with a tape. Not only are all my memories stored neatly in one place now, they are in a lovely box that never fails to put a smile on my face when I get a glimpse of it in my closet.

Do you have a special way of storing photos and other souvenirs? Do you even keep things like that or do you throw them away without a second glance?


  1. My collection of souvenirs and photos had also gotten a bit out of hand recently, so my mum bought me a wooden box too store them all in!

    It's already getting full so I'll definitely be making use of your idea above for my next box! :-)


  2. Love this idea. I have a lot memories from L.A. and think it would be a great idea to make a memorie box like you do. Thank you very much for sharing this DIY
    wish you a lovely day
    xo, Petra

  3. Hi Ivana, need to make it as I need to tidy up all my stuff too!:) xoxo

  4. I need one of these to store all my travel memorabilia, you took a simple box and so beautifully transformed it! Lovely DIY!

  5. I can always use more storage boxes and this is a lovely DIY. Thanks for sharing it with us Ivana!

    Rowena @ rolala loves
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  6. I have a similar memory box. I love that you made yours personal!


  7. Ivana, I really love this idea of a keep sake box! I have kept a travel journal thru the years that I write in and paste in clippings whenever I travel! I keep the precious (to me) notebook on my bookshelf where I can pull it out and peek thru at a moments notice and take a mini vacation! I responded to your email, I hope you are well! And I love your blog!


  8. Veľmi pekné. Naozaj krásne a tvorivé. Pekný a úspešný deň Ti želám.

  9. wow it looks amazing!
    love the idea and great black/white paris pics

    Syriously in Fashion
    Official Facebook Page

  10. this is a great idea, a lovely DIY!

  11. What a cute idea!

    xo Rach

  12. oh pariiisss...dream to get there!hehe
    follow you back dear, thank you so much beautiful ;)


  13. Thanks for stopping by today, wishing you a great Friday!

  14. I have the hoarding sickness too. I keep everything and I like the idea of putting it in shoeboxes to keep all the memories together! Maybe with your help, I'll finally get organized!

  15. this is such an adorable idea! i love how it looks. i do keep every single one of my souveniers from trips in a big box [that is full! need a new one!] lol

  16. I've been scrap booking my travel mementos (I even have napkins in one, lol!)


  17. Very pretty and classy, love the look :)
    I follow you now!
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    love you dear :)

  18. The box you made is really cute Ivana! It's a great way to store those special items, pictures and souvenirs. I usually put mine in a photo album. I know! Old school! LOL But I hardly keep anything around.

  19. This is adorable! I have made lots of memory boxes/ scrapbooks because I just love to document happy moments!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  20. Amazing box with pictures on it! Great idea!)


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