Sunday, October 14, 2012

Brunch with a blogger: Amanda from Eloquent English

How did you enjoy my very first Brunch with a Blogger? I personally find it an amazing way to learn something more about my favorite bloggers and blog friends! After my very blog BFF, Jenna from Leggings Love, I'm happy to introduce you to another amazing girl: Amanda English, the author of Eloquent English.

Amanda's blog is a compilation of her simple and classic outfits, darling and inspiring collages and everyday musings (her Awkward / Awesome moments are definitely my fave, they always make me laugh out loud!). She has a handsome husband Joe, and two adorable kittens, Norman and Contessa, who make regular appearances on the blog. Amanda and Joe got married in one of the most beautiful venues I could imagine: Duke Gardens in North California (an my oh my, have you seen her dress?). Amanda's style is fun and colorful, and in spite of her husband's doubts, she can pull off Hunter boots like a pro. These are things currently rocking Amanda's world:

My life mantra: What defines us is how we'll rise after falling.

Best blogging advice I've ever received: Always blog about what you love and the followers will come.

Thing I'm most proud of: My husband and watching him grow each day into a stronger Christian. 

My style in three words: Simple, classic and casual.

Thank you very much, Amanda, for having this virtual brunch with me!


  1. Very interesting! I like this new section on your blog!
    Have a nice Sunday Ivana!

  2. Interesting responses and I agree with so many especially the lovely smell of new shoes!

  3. Hi Ivana! great post, I know her and find her blog very nice! happy sunday dear! xoxo

  4. Thanks for having me Ivana! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! xxoo

  5. I like that idea of a virtual brunch, it's unique and fun to look at!

  6. Great an interesting post. I just looked to her blog and thats really amazing.
    xo, Petra

  7. Amanda is very nice! She has a delightful blog!

  8. great post


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