Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Shopping: La belle femme

The weather has cooled down significantly these past few days and I've decided that was the perfect opportunity to bring you the first glimpse of fabulous fall wardrobe.You know me well, I love myself a great dose of French chic every other day, so when I discovered Dorothy Perkins' new collection, I literally squealed from delight. Its name is "La belle femme" and it's full of glamorous well-fitted dresses, quirky prints (how amazing are those perfume bottle and necklace prints?), metallic accessories and pretty peplum jackets. All in all, I'm pretty much obsessed with every single piece, and I would love to add them all to my fall wardrobe (if my budget permits). These are my absolute favorites. Which are yours?


  1. Oooo this is such a pretty collection!

    I love the two cute blouses 6 and 7 - but I absolutely need and can't live without no.3 the peplum jacket! It's just perfect!


  2. 7,11 and 12 are wonderful!

  3. pretty pieces. Like it all
    xo, Petra

  4. Super cute selection. Totally my style!

  5. So pretty...I will have all the dresses :)))) xx

  6. All of these are absolutely gorgeous, very Chanel.
    I LOVE that number 3 jacket, such an amazing cut

  7. Oh my gosh, I love it all and it's so affordable!! Fantastic finds!

  8. I love all the dresses and jackets! :D

  9. If only Cincinnati was glamorous enough for such pieces! ;) Beautiful items, Ivana!


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