Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Beauty: Summer trends to try

Hot pink lips

 When it comes to trying new beauty trends, I have to admit that I'm not the most adventurous girl. I have developed my tried and true routine (BB cream, black eyeliner, a great dose of mascara and soft pink gloss), and I'm not always in the mood to turn the things upside down in the morning.  However, this summer is one of the most colorful and fun seasons ever, and it would be such a shame to shy away from a bunch of very pretty trends (after all, I don't want to get too bored and do my makeup everyday on autopilot!). Of course, there are always exceptions (you wouldn't catch me in a "wet hair" look in public in a million years!), but these are the most beautiful and feminine looks I'm dying to try this season:

Winged eyeliner

Neon manicure (Essie's Poppy Razzi collection)

Braided updos

Top knot

Bumped-up ponytail

Pastel manicure

Peachy cheeks


  1. I am definitely loving the neon nails and the hair bun!! Cannot get enough!
    You are SO sweet! You can definitely borrow my whole outfit, in fact, I'll bring it over when I arrive for the al fresco breakfast! (hahaha - I'm grinning from ear to ear writing this) ... and to say that I look "amazing in shorts" you just don't know half the drama... I may post about it at another time. I think this was the first time I wore shorts since I don't remember when... but your comment helps boost my confidence and I appreciate it very much... heck, I might just go buy another pair of shorts! Maybe...
    Happy Wednesday!

    XOXO Dana

  2. Wow, beautiful braided updos :) and I think neon manicure is great :)
    I'm following you now :)

  3. Gorgeous hair!! Although, I've seen the bumped look for a while now, so I've been drained of that. I like my eyeliner in the winged style, very pretty!! Those polish colours are gorgeous!! Hope you have a great day :) x

  4. Nice tips, hot pink lips are my favorites :)

  5. Love the trends :) Too nice

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    A little More Love

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  6. Really great tips! I have tried bumped-up ponytail, but I never achieved the result I aim at...
    I should try more top knot.. :D

    Julie -

  7. so beautiful, love the hairstyles, the braided updo is lovely :)

  8. Very interesting post and great shots! Lovely blog!!
    We can follow each other if you want? I would be very happy :)

    XoXo Nastia

  9. Great post dear. I follow you too.
    Thank you for your lovely comment.
    Svetlana :*

  10. Winged eyeliner and braided hairdos are my favorites! :)

  11. I love pink lips- I think they're a great alternative to classic red. I'm also loving both neon and pastel nails (I have neon orange on my toes and minty green on my fingers right now, lol), and you can never ever go wrong with Essie :)

  12. Ohhh I love those neon essie colors!!! LOVE THEM! xoxo A-

  13. Love this post! I'm glad you put all this in one post---I'm going to try all these before summer is over!


  14. great pictures!!


  15. i wear winged eyeliner every day...even to work (although I make the wings shorter)! i think my eyes look so much prettier with wings :) i will need to try out the pink lip and i have been trying to get my topknot to look nice and full, but i think my hair is too fine!

  16. great tips!!

  17. I agree I'm not one to branch out to far in the beauty department either. While I don't think you'll be seeing me wearing the current neon eyeliner, I am loving some of the colorful lips!

  18. I really need to improve my hairstyling skills. I want to do a bumped-up ponytail so bad.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  19. It's always good to shake up one's make-up routine and add something new once in a while.

  20. Beauty trends are always the first ones I try - they can be the cheapest. (Seriously, less than $20 has you in all of these!) I usually buy a cheap version to try and if I REALLY like one, I'll spend money on a better brand. Neon nail polish is awesome! You get the brightest effect by putting a white nail polish under the neon color but, if you don't you just have a really bright color! Good luck trying some of these trends!

  21. I wish I could style my own hair into one of those pretty braided updos

  22. Thanks for that sweet comment on my blog. I'm now your new follower, I adore your blog! I'm obsessed with pink lipstick and bright colors for this summer :)

  23. Yes to hot pink lips! And love Esse. Those color choices are awesome...want them all!

  24. Hi sweetly, thanks for your comment and insight....awesome post I love all these beauty trends, especially the hot pink lips and peachy cheeks, have an awesome day!

  25. What a lovely post Ivana! I don't know why, but I love looking at close ups of people's makeup. And these trends are so lovely!
    Have a beautiful day, dear.

  26. Great post! I love pink hot lips, pastel manicure, peachy cheeks and all the hair styles.

  27. Sooo interesting post, dear Ivana!! <3

  28. All of these are really gorgeous looks.
    I have always worn winged eyeliner, I've always adored 60's fashion & make up xo

  29. Thanks for this wonderful inspiration, Ivana! Loving all of your posts... great steal/splurge on the purple shoes. Hope you are well! xxx Whitley

  30. i am not a fan of winged eyeliner... but i love the braided updos and peachy cheeks. lauren conrad always looks flawless!

  31. yep, officially in love with all of these looks! need to get my hands on some pink lipstick asap!
    xo TJ

  32. My two favorite trends are hot pink lips and peachy cheeks!

  33. I'm loving both the hot pink lips and pastel nails trends this season!

    And those intricate braided updos are just gorgeous - I wish I was that talented!



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