Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shopping: Ikea haul

Call me crazy if you want, but I love every single thing I bought!

Ikea has always been one of my favorite shopping spots for all things related to home decor. As anyone freshly out of school and at the beginning of his career knows, there's hardly a better place to find unexpensive furniture and fun decorations. What's more, thanks to its lower price, Ikea furniture lands itself perfectly to inspired DIY projects (I have yet to share with you my bookshelves makeover). It will come as no surprise that decorations from Ikea are scattered all over our place (I am really partial to their candles, candleholders and flower pots). And since I've been more than obsessed with their latest pink collection, I was really happy when I received an Ikea gift card from my mom for my birthday. One shopping spree later, I came home with a bag overflowing with various godies that have been making me happy ever since.

A set of three storage tins that are already holding my favorite tea cookies.

Rose wrapping paper, two pretty dish towels and cute pot holders.

A set of cute pink & green bowls that have already been put to a good use here.

Vintage and romantic art cards, and two pink face towels.


  1. oh those goodies definitely are so adorable and cute but my boyfriend is not a fan of pink things, haha and he would probably be pretty mad if I bought a heap of pink goodies :P btw, I also love shopping for my home :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. Gorgeous little goodies! I have some of these things myself too!
    I love their candles and candle holders!

  3. ok so im going to Ikea as soon as possible!!

    Ruth xxxx

  4. Such great finds! I need to make a trip to ikea for all the little decorating things! Hope your week has been going well!

  5. Looks like you bought cute stuff!

  6. I love it all. It kinda makes me what to run out to Ikea. My kitchen is decorated in Pink and Lime green- those cookie tins would be adorable with my decor. Love!

  7. I love Ikea! We are using their larger galvanized lanterns for my sisters bridal shower and wedding. So much cheaper than the other things we have looked into!


  8. Noooo! Now I want all of these!!! So much pink and flowers!! Love everything! <3

    Girls that glitter love the dark

  9. Love all the pink purchases! What a successful shopping trip!

  10. So pretty! I love them all- so romantic and fun :) I don't think my husband would be able to bear that much pink, but I might just have to pick up a *few* of their sweet little pink touches

  11. i am loving all of these pretty little things! i love the pot that the candle is in, too! when the candle is used up, it will make a great little bowl!


  12. those are all such great purchases! feminine and fab. Hope you had a fun time decorating.


    wardrobe girls

  13. So pretty! I love all the feminine patterns and colors.

  14. I swear I was just at ikea the other day and sadly missed all of these goodies! Just as well... I needed essential furniture pieces!


  15. Wow these things are so beautiful. I go next saturday to the ikea and I need some of these pretty things. Thanks for sharing and give me a inspiration for what I buy ;)
    Have a great weekend
    xoxo, Petra

  16. I love Ikea as well - I happen to live a 15 min drive away from one, and we've bought a lot of our interior deco from there :) Your finds are amazing, I really need to make a tour there and see if there's something lovely to spice up our little balcony. So thank you so much for the inspiration! :) xoxo ♥


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