Thursday, April 5, 2012

Quiche aux poireaux (Leek quiche)

Find the printable recipe here

When I first came to France as an au-pair, the only thing I could cook were scrambled eggs. Don't laugh at me: my mom has always been a great cook and I felt a little bit intimidated, like I could never compare to her. Later on, she told me that when she saw me off to my first trip to France, she was really worried for me: how on earth was I going to take care of such a huge family (34 people, grand parents, parents and children all mixed up) when I didn't know a first thing about cooking? I wasn't really bothered until the first time I saw them all together - 34 people is really huge, you know... But I was lucky: they didn't really expect any culinary miracles from me, and they preferred to teach me their ways. It was the Grandmother who thaught me patiently everything she knew: the secrets of the best ratatouille, an incredible chocolate gateau that always disappeared with the speed of light, and the famous quiche. Even now, 8 years later, I still make a quiche at least twice a month, and I think I've became quite an expert. But I must admit, I never really experimented with the various fillings. Until now. When my fiancé brought some leek from the Farmers market, it was the perfect occasion to try something new. I've just updated my classic quiche recipe, added a little bit of this and that, and then enjoyed the results of my hard work. (You can find the printable recipe here). It was really scrumptious, and it has motivated me to search for more new and unexpected flavor combos.

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  1. Even my mom wonders how I will survive with no culinary skills to back with my soon to be husband...

  2. looks delicious!I learnt everything from my Granny,she was the best cook ever...

  3. Looks so yummy! Need to start baking more and this is defiantly on the cards!

    Great post :)

    Ruth xxxx

  4. Looks delicious Ivana
    Must give it a try..
    ..thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog..
    I've been enjoying yours also:)

  5. Mmm, looks very interesting and delicious! I love to make quiche
    but I'm sure that it's not even close to as good as yours since you've
    been thought by french people how to make one.
    I do love to experiment with quiche fillings and so far I have 3 different
    ones which I use all the time. I might try out this one too :)

  6. It took me quite a while to take an interest in cooking too.
    This sounds delish

  7. I used to work as an au pair aswell, it's such a great experience! I never had 34 people to look after though, you must have been kept busy :-) this quiche looks delicious

  8. I just discovered your blog. Love it! You worked as an au pair in France? That's pretty amazing!


  9. This looks so good! I love making quiche, especially for entertaining, they are so easy!

  10. What a fabulous learning experience! Lucky girl- I can't wait to go back to Paris some day :)

  11. I love this recipe. I want to try it so bad!

  12. YUM!! This looks delicious!! What a extraordinary experience to be taught in France - how amazing.


  13. I feel now how you felt with your mother, my husband cooks SO GOOD that everytime I try to cook something I give up before I start...
    This quiche looks so delicious, except for the mushrooms, I hate them! My son would love it though, and I'm a big fan of leek, I use it everywhere instead of onion since it doesn't agree with me D:

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  14. There are few things I enjoy more than a good quiche. Thanks for sharing.

    FEST (food, style & travel)

  15. That is something I need to learn how to do. Great job!


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