Thursday, March 1, 2012

DIY Chevron tray

I don't exaggerate when I say that chevron is one of my favorite patterns ever (it definitely tops my list alongside the classic stripe and a playful polka dot). I don't own any chevron-patterned piece of clothing, and it's really not because of the lack of searching. I've been hunting for the perfect chevron skirt for a few months, and since I can't seem to discover the one I'm looking for, I'm thinking about buying the fabric and just sewing one myself. 

Meanwhile I've been trying to incorporate this classy pattern to my home decor (this pillow is definitely on my spring wish list). And since chevron trays proved to be as hard to find as chevron skirts, I decided this was the perfect opportunity for another DIY project. 

Here´s the step-by-step tutorial:

1) You'll need a wooden tray (I found mine at Ikea), white glossy acrylic paint, magenta paint, two paintbrushes (or you can spray paint the tray, but since I painted it indoors, that wasn't an option for me) and a painters' tape.

2) Paint the entire tray with two coats of glossy white. Let it dry thoroughly (I let mine dry overnight).

 3) Use painters' tape to trace the chevron pattern. This requires a little bit of patience, but after you get the knack of it, it goes really easy. Also, if you're a perfectionist, this might prove to be trickier - I didn't really mind that my pattern wasn't perfect to the spot. I sort of went with the flow :)

4) Use the magenta hue to color the chevron pattern. Again, let dry thorougly.

 5) Once the paint is dry, carefully remove the tape. I recommend letting it dry overnight -- I did a little bit of damage when I tried to remove the tape too soon.

6) And voila, your new tray is ready! I used mine to keep my coffee table organized, but you can use it to serve your breakfast in bed or to hold all your jewelry and trinkets.


  1. I might need to try this ASAP!!! Great post lady!


  2. Awesome! I'm a big chevron fan too.

  3. I love Chevron prints Ivana. I need to get a tray!!! They can be used for so many things. Like breakfast in bed to displaying gorgeous perfume bottles. This is a neat idea. Love it!

  4. i love chevron patterns too! this is very cute. great idea.

  5. beautiful post!!amazing blog!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine,do the same!!!

    Freaky Friday

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  6. What a great idea! I love DIY projects and this is a great one. Thanks for sharing.


  7. love your hot pink chevron tray!! great idea.

  8. Love the tray hunnie!!! The design is fabulous....and I love the color you chose:)

    Keep em coming girlie!!

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  9. this is so cute! maybe i'll have to try it :) thanks for sharing!

  10. Ahh! What an adorable tray, Ivana! I LOVE it, and I love chevron! I am contemplating using this method on an old desk to brighten it up! It probably won't happen until I move to a new place in August, but I'm already scheming in my head!

  11. wow this is a really pretty idea and it looks so gorgeous. I love it :) thank you for sharing. I wish you a wonderful weekend.
    xoxo, Petra

    PS: Thank you for your lovely comment on my Blog. It is not so bad with the Confetti ;)

  12. This was such a fantastic DIY! I love chevron - thank you for sharing :)

  13. Great job with the tray :) Loving it :) xoxo ♥


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