Thursday, February 16, 2012

Triple chocolate cake

Every now and then (ok, honestly, very often), I lay my hands on a recipe that makes me drool (so not glamorous!) and run around frantically in search of the ingredients. This is exactly what happened when I saw this triple chocolate cake in one of my Mom´s recipe magazines. Unfortunately, it was around 9pm on Sunday evening, so running out of the house in my pajamas to buy all the chocolate necessary, definitely wasn´t an option. I had to wait to get back home, make one quick trip to the shop and the rest is chocolate history. Let me just say, all the efforts weren´t in vain. When you combine three different kinds of chocolate in one cake, you get one very happy girl and one quicky dissapearing dessert! 

Here´s how to make it:

White chocolate cream:
* 150ml of double cream
* 200g of chopped white chocolate

* 90g of butter
* 120g of milk chocolate
* 2 eggs
* 225g of sugar
* 90g of smooth flour
* 50g of chopped hazelnuts

Dark chocolate cream:
* 100ml of milk
* 200 ml of double cream
* 150g of chopped dark chocolate

1.  Bring the 150ml of double cream into ebullition, put away from the flame, add the chopped white chocolate and let it melt while stirring continuously. Let cool down.

2. The dough: Preheat the oven on 180°C. Roast the chopped nuts on a clean pan and let them cool down. Melt the butter and chopped milk chocolate together. Beat up the eggs so they´re foamy and pour them into the melted chocolate. Add the sugar and flour, blend together and add the roasted nuts. 

3. Pour this preparation into a buttered cake mold and bake for approximately 30 minutes. Let it cool down.

4. Whip the white chocolate cream with an eggbeater and pour it on the chocolate cake. Let it rest in the fridge for 3 hours. Cut the cake into equal parts. 

5. Dark chocolate cream: Bring the milk and the double cream into ebullition, move away from the flame and add chopped dark chocolate. Stir continuously why the chocolate melts. Pour the cream (hot or cold, as you wish) on the cake parts and decorate with more chopped hazelnuts. 

Enjoy this chocolate heaven!


  1. oh my, you made me hungry with that post! :P I think I should absolutely give this recipe a try.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. All day long I've been craving for chocolate cake and here comes your post. Yum!

  3. Om nom nom, this look too delicious!! I mean triple chocolate and hazelnuts ?? - HEAVEN!!! :)

  4. Damn this looks good! Can't go wrong with triple chocolate!


  5. Wow, that sounds like heaven on a plate. A girl after my own heart

  6. oh gosh thats soooooooooooo delicious darling! love it!

  7. omg the cake looks so delicious and mouth watering!! thanks for the recipe dear <3 xx

  8. oh this looks yummy and very simple to make.. although i should stop eating sweet i've been eating alot this month :)
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  9. Ivan,

    These looks delish! I am a huge chocolate lover so I can understand your frantic need to recreate this yummy treat.

  10. You had me at 1 chocolate, triple... YUM! xoxo A-

  11. yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum

    Chocoholics annoymous here I come!!!!!

    Best wishes, Mai xxx

  12. I want this RIGHT NOW!! There is no such thing as too much chocolate! Thanks for posting the recipe!

  13. I love chocolate cake! much better than actual pieces of chocolate! Love seeing what you cook up! When did you first start cooking?


  14. Yum! Stop it, you're making me drool. I LOVE chocolate mixed with hazelnuts. Delicious!

  15. Oh my! This looks divine! I made a chocolate cake a couple of weeks ago that had a whole jar of nutella in it! Spectacular :)

  16. Im definitely drooling over this. It's not glamorous but this is too good not to!

  17. sweet as candy ;)

  18. Oh my goodness. YUM!!

    Dude. Chocolate Cake. Get in my tummy, like now.

  19. look delicious

  20. *drools*

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  21. Uhmmmmmm se ve delicioso ^^
    Me encanta el chocolate
    Un besito

  22. oh my god this looks and sounds amazing. I am literally drooling!

  23. WOW, so hungry after seeing this!

  24. omggg this looks so appetizing! I'm definitely going to bookmark this post for future (which could possibly be later) reference! ♥

  25. Looks really nice! !

    I followed you back :) xxx


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