Thursday, February 23, 2012

Golden Popcorn

The Oscar party is just around the corner, and I simply can´t wait to see whether my favorites (The Artist and Meryl Streep´s rendition of The Iron Lady) make the cut. I´m not sure I´ll be able to watch it live (it airs at 2am here in Austria), but I´ll be definitely glued to the daytime re-runs. 
And of course, I can´t imagine any movie event without a large supply of crisp and salty popcorn. And while there´s nothing bad about the classic large bowl right at hand, I was thinking about something more glamorous and chic. Enter DIY popcorn bag. I chose the very glam black and gold chevron pattern and I´ll be sure to pull them out everytime we catch up on the winning movies in the comfort of our living room. 

Here´s a step by step:

1. First, start with a template (I used this one). Trace it onto the pasteboard and cut it out with scissors. 

2. Be creative with the decoration: I used a chevron pattern cut out of a gold aluminium foil that I glued to the black pasteboard. Add inscription with a glitter pen (you can also add some stickers and embellishments).
3. Fold and fit the template together and use the glue gun to secure the inside flap and the bottom flaps. 

Enjoy your movie night!

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  1. Wow, this is a cool DIY!! You're very handy!

  2. i cant wait for the oscars too!! heh cute box!! I have a worldwide perfume giveaway planned in a weeks make sure to drop by and dont miss it!

  3. What a good idea to do a DIY popcorn bag ^_^

  4. What a cute idea! You're so creative!

  5. that sure is fancy!

    Stop by and enter my Vedette giveaway!

  6. So darling. I love the pretty chevrons.

  7. Hahahaha, that's such a cute idea, I might do it sometime soon! ;D

    Girls that glitter love the dark

  8. Wow, this is a really cute and creative idea. I like it and I think I try it :)

    xoxo, Petra

    If you have time please take a look on my different Posts about Carnival :)

  9. Seriously- so cute!!! I forgot that the Oscars were this weekend! My roommates and I never watch TV (which is strange because we none of us has an aversion to it!), and we always miss stuff like this! We need to get ourselves more in the loop haha

  10. What a cute thing to do! I won't be watching them, just the short version of red carpet afterwards!

  11. Ivana I love this idea! I wish I had cable to watch! I had a question for you? I was gonna do a post related to your jewelry one (where you painted your earrings with orange and pink polishes) I'd like to link back to your original post if thats idea. Just saying that I used your tutorial and such! Lemme know if that is okay! And maybe you could give me the link to that post also?


  12. SO ADORABLE. What a great idea for this weekend!!

  13. That's cute Ivana!!! You're so creative. I can't wait for it either.

  14. That is so cute! Love DIYs!

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