Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dining Table Makeover

I can´t believe that it took me this long to share the first photos of our new apartment in Graz with you. I´ve been quite busy these past weeks, and I couldn´t spend as much time decorating as I would have wanted. Plus, decorating on a budget can really take a lot of time. But ever since the new year began, I´ve been scouring décor and antique shops, in search for the perfect furniture and accessories. Since we couldn´t really afford to spend thousands on a whole new furniture, I´ve been working a lot with what we already have. I love the idea of giving a new life to something old. And our awful Ikea dining table definitely topped my makeover list.


I´m not a big fan of modern and glass furniture, and this table makes me flinch every time I see it. Plus, I really wanted our dining nook look more like a French bistro than a sterile hospital dining room. It took me only a few easy steps, and even if it´s not quite finished yet (the next step will be covering those plastic chairs in fabric and hanging a few pictures from Paris on the wall), I wanted to share this project with you.

1. First of all, I bought this beautiful red and white checkered fabric, to make a tablecloth. It was actually the very first thing I sewed on my new Singer machine, and I´m quite proud of myself :) And since I had more fabric than I needed, I also sewed four square napkins. 

2. I fell in love with these placemats from Ikea: I like their round shape, the lightweight structure and the rustic wibe they add to the table. 

3. This dinner set was a gift from my mom. The square shape contrasts nicely with the round placemats, and the colors complement each other perfectly. 

4. I placed the napkins on the shallow plate and superposed the soup plates on top. This way, I
don´t need to leave the table and lay out the plates twice. 

5. This beautiful tray covered in vintage postcards was a love at first sight. It has the exact parisian vibe I was looking for. It was on display in my favorite décor shop, and normally it wasn´t supposed to be sold. But I pleaded with the salesgirl so desperately, that she finally let me leave with it. And I couldn´t be happier! 

6. This tray offers just the perfect display for the olive oil & balsamic vinegar set and the green salt & spice tray. I´ve added a bunch of candlesticks with red unscented candles for a cozy and romantic touch. 

7. Of course, a bottle of wine (Italian Chianti in this case) and two wine glasses are a must. 


Voilà! Now we can have a little bit of Paris in our Austrian kitchen. I´m planning to make a few more tablecloths in different colors (like orange and green). And I´m looking for the summer, because then I´ll be able to add flower centerpiece and a bowl of fresh berries to spice things up a little bit. 

What do you think? What is your next decorating project? 


Tablecloth and napkins: hand made
Place mats: Ikea
Dinner set: gifted
Cutlery: Guy Degrenne (gifted)
Vintage-like tray: XXXLutz
Oil & vinegar set: Ikea
Salt & pepper tray: vintage
Wine glasses: from a glass house in Czech republic

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  1. I've been to one glass house in Czech Republic and I got to see the whole process of making things out of glass, it was so amazing!

    I love how you've turned this table into something so new and fresh and I like the idea of french bistro theme!! Great thinking!
    I can't wait when the whole thing is finished with the photos on the wall and fabric on the chairs! I love what you did :)

  2. cute, this looks like the sweetest little place to enjoy a meal


  3. I love the french bistro look, it looks gorgeous. Hope you enjoyed the wine.

  4. Enjoy your meal! a glass of wine, I want ...:)

  5. Love the red and white check! A very fresh look for Spring! I am on the hunt for a nice table runner myself:)

  6. what are you planning on covering your chairs with? I think my next house project is going to be taking down my decorations (yeah... they are still up) and since my xmas tree is currently located on my dining room table I really should revamp it yeah?


  7. Nice makeover and I like the red and white check. I also like the cafe feel it has now. Nice job making old new again!

  8. the post is really great and helpful :)

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  9. LOVE the table makeover :) the tablecloth is super cute :)


    Fashion Fractions

  10. French bistro indeed! Love those placemats - nice work!


  11. Ciao grazie per essere mia follower, ti seguo anch'io da ora!!!

  12. really cute!! very italian :)
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  13. great job! looks very nice!

    x Alexa

  14. Love the dining room table make over! Love the tray you have everything sitting on!

  15. Beautiful job turning a modern Ikea table into a charming eating area! Those placemats are fantastic!

  16. It looks great Ivana. There's nothing like adding your own touches. :D

  17. So cute! I'm in love with the vintage tray! I think that's a piece you can keep around for a while. Have a great day :) xo

  18. Those plates are so pretty! Love your setup!! Would love it if you could stop by my blog today and tell me what you think of my latest post! Follow me, I follow you?!


  19. Awww it definitely reminds me of a French bistro! SO adorable and cozy and such an improvement from that modern glass table! Beautiful work, Ivana!

  20. Ivana! (ps my "smart" phone just spell checked your name as "Obama"! Lol) thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I always appreciate comments from you, my email address is


  21. wow such little changes but the whole effect is great! I love it!

    love from San Francisco,

  22. very cute. I really do like that cute tablecloth.

  23. love this table setting! on our table is just flowers and a tablecloth. its so much fun decorating :)

    love kat

  24. You did a great job with it :) xoxo

  25. French bistro indeed! Love those placemats - nice work!


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