Thursday, June 30, 2011

Words to live by: Emma Watson

(Photos and quotes via Marie Claire US)

I´m a huge fan of magazines. Fashion, lifestyle, home decor, crafts...I certainly don´t discriminate. I love them all! They have always been an incredible source of inspiration, letting me discover new things, inspiring me to try new fashion & beauty trends, urging me to make my home more beautiful, persuading me to leave my comfort zone and be bolder and more adventurous. One of the things I love most about my magazines are the interviews. Not only with celebrities (and honestly, it´s not always easy to find a good and intelligent celebrity interview), but with all people that succeeded in their lives, made something important and can play role models for all of us. I´m always eccstatic when I stumble upon a really great conversation, and each time I open a new magazine, my Stabilo is never too far, as I love to highlight the most inspiring ideas. 
And now, I´ve decided to share those ideas with you, my lovelies. Because a great dose of inspiration never goes a miss, and we all have moments in our lives when we need a few wise words to cheer us up and show us that life is so beautiful, only sometimes we are too busy to acknowledge it!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Inspiration: Emerald & Gold

(Images via Madame Figaro France)

I´ve never given much thought to emerald green & gold color combination, but these photos have completely changed my mind. These two shades work perfectly together, and they give an unexpected glow to the tanned skin. I´m in love, and I´m sure I´ll experiment with them while playing with my summer wardrobe!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to: Polka dot manicure

(Image scanned and edited from Marie Claire Czech Republic, June 2011)

Ever since I saw this page in my beloved Marie Claire magazine, I´ve been dreaming about the polka dots. I´ve already declared my love for this playful and elegant pattern and yet I´ve done nothing to increase the number of polka dotted pieces in my closet. What a shame!
But instead of going for yet another shopping frenzy (never a good idea at the end of the month!), I´ve decided to play a little bit with my manicure. My first reflex, of course, was to pair black & white nail polishes for a classic look, but when I gave it a second thought, I opted for something more unusual (and yes, I admit, I don´t have any black or white nail polish in my collection right now, how convenient!). I used  Essie´s Topless & Barefoot (a chic nude) and Chanel´s Vendetta (deep and dramatic purple). I had a lot of fun creating this simple but stunning pattern, and I bet you´ll have some too! 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Decor Inspiration: The Kennedy Summer House

(Photos via Gant Home)

The Kennedys and their summer house at Cape Cod have always been part of the American myth. After a massive reconstruction, this magnificent summer house has been decorated by Gant´s Spring & Summer 2011 Home Collection.
The result is beyond beautiful: the interiors are decorated in tasteful combination of white and blue, with a very light touches of red. Stripes and stars appear on bed linen, cozy throw pillows and tableware. In one word: perfection! Thanks to these pictures I can easily imagine myself as Jackie, lounging on the cozy deck-chair, preparing the breakfast in the preppy pots and pans and setting my head on the beautiful floral linen.
Here are the elements I love the most about this decor. I´m already looking forward to incorporate some of them into our future new place.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fabulous Saturday Quote

This one is dedicated to all of you, fabulous women! 
Didn´t you have the same thoughts when you were younger? I definitely did :) I´m happy to know now that we can have it all: brains and looks!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Friday Fancies #3: Hot summer in the city

It is amazing, how in only two short weeks, I´ve started to look forward so much to the Friday Fancies (again, thanks to lovely (av) from Long distance loving). I find myself planning my Friday post already on Monday and then I´m even more impatient for the weekend to arrive :) So, this is the latest outfit of my dreams:

Not everyone will have the chance to spend some time at the sunny beach in some exotic destination this summer. I, personnally, will spend next 4 weeks recovering from my surgery (which means no sport and no taking planes, ugh!), the following four weeks will be in the name of work frenzy, and then, FINALLY, at the end of August, I´ll be able to hop on the plane and spend much more deserved 10 days in the most stylish city in the world...yes, you guessed right, I´ll be off to New York!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Banana Crumble

My lovelies, thank you so much for your sweet and adorable comments, they really made my day! I´m back from the hospital, a little bit sore but very very happy that this sugrery is finaly done! Now I´m ready to be 100% well again! And even if, concerning the food, I´ve just retured to the 1-year old level (I´ve had my tonsils removed and now I can only eat liquid, oh-oh), I´ve prepared something really delicious for you :)
As soon as the summer arrives, my sweet tooth changes dramatically: I tend to drift away from my (otherwise) favorite chocolate cakes and cookies and I find myself craving more fruit desserts (such as this one). And of course, I´m always on the lookout for som new and fresh ideas and recipes to enrich my collection. No wonder then, that this one immediately caught my eyes. Easy to prepare, full of taste and absolutely not cloying, what more could I ask for? I altered the recipe just a little bit: I replaced the almonds by caramelized hazelnuts and added some raisins. And the result? It was so delicious that it disappeared straight away, and I didn´t even have time to snap a photo of the outcome! (Never happened to me before!)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Off to the hospital

My lovelies, I´m off to the hospital this afternoon, fortunately, only due to a minor operation. What I´m really looking for is that after this intervention I´ll HAVE to eat loads of ice-cream (seriously!).
Unfortunately, there will be no wifi there (catastrophe!) so I´ll be back on wednesday, with a brand new food post. Stay tuned!
I already miss you!
xx Ivana

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Fancies #2: Polka dot dream

It´s Friday again (finally!!!), and it means Friday Fancies craziness over at Long distance loving blog! Yay! I was so busy this week that I totally forgot about this weekly rendez-vous, thanks to Twitter for reminding me! Today, I´ve put together an outfit that´s both playful and really feminine and elegant. I have a major crush on polka dots, and yet you wouldn´t find much of it in my closet...bizzare! I definitely have to do something with this major stylish absence. If you´ll excuse me, I´m going to shop!

This dress is pretty much the most beautiful polka-dotted item I´ve seen in a while! I would pair it with a chic floppy hat and a soft beige clutch that add a touch of high-society sophistication. The metallic accessories (strappy sandals, bold cuff and classic hoops) bring on the glitter and the drama. And the perfect finishing touches? Celebrity-like sunnies, sophisticated nail polish and an amazing umbrella! I´d love to wear this outfit to a summer diner alfresco, enjoying a shrimp salad and sipping some champagne...what about you? :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flowers & Spots

(Halens dress, H&M clutch, Deichmann wedges, Orsay sunnies, Six and Tiffany bracelets, Bijou Brigitte hoops)
The heat wave has hit the country, and right now I´m so desperate for a tiny hint of fresh air! But of course, it´s also a great occasion to pull out my summer wardrobe in its full extent. I´ve been living in breezy miniskirts, flowy dresses and cutout wedges for the pas few weeks and there´s nothing more fun than playing with the accessories! Well, at least until I step out and start melting down! I can´t wait for the weekend to come, so I can actually enjoy the beautiful weather, and not only watch it through the windows of my office. I know it´s only Thursday, but it doesn´t hurt to start planning my free time right away: this way, I can concentrate on the beautiful little things ahead: sipping drinks on the terrace, reading some great book (after your amazing comments, I´m pretty sure I´ll set on the Water for the Elephants), catching up on your amazing blog posts and finally attacking the large stack of fashion magazines that´s pleading for my attention....oh, all right, there will be some German as well :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Bucket List

When I stumbled upon the Cornflake Dreams recently, I immediately fell in love with this lovely blog. And I think that its author, Jilian, has had one of the most amazing blog ideas of the week: Summer Bucket List Wednesday Link-Up. I knew immediately that I had to participate! I love the idea of seasonal bucket lists (or bucket lists in general) and I feel that this summer it will be really fun to cross all the items out. So, would you like to know what I´ll be up to before the next Labor Day?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Irresistibly Sweet Award

I was so honored to receive my ever first blog award this weekend! Thanks so much to lovely Jessie from Mix & Chic for according me this Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award! I think I´m going to celebrate with some strawberries :) Be sure to go and check Jessie´s amazing blog to which I turn everytime I´m seriously in need of some home decoration inspiration. Mix & Chic blog is filled with beautiful interiors pictures, lovely color combinations and some serious doses of daily inspiration. One of my favorites! 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Reading, part I.

Are you looking for one of the biggest book worms in the world? Well, here I am. I learned to read at the age of five, and ever since, I´be been constantly told by my entourage that I was reading too much...I couldn´t disagree more! One can NEVER, ever, read too much!!! On the contrary, I´m constantly convinced that I should spend much more time devouring the great books that appear every day (and considering the size of my bookshelves, I´m definitely right!). So, one of the major things on my Summer bucket list is: read, read, read, anytime, anywhere. But not anywhat, of course!
So here´s the first part of my summer reading selection. Have you read any of these books? Did you like them? (No spoilers, please :) Would you recommend me some other great books that I shouldn´t miss? 

This is definitely my number one "absolutely-need-to-read-this" summer book. Of course I loved the movie and of course I´ve found it very touching. But....I used to be very weary when it comes to watch movies drown out of the books. It was often quite disappointing to see the book cut and modified to unrecognition (hello, Harry Potter). But the Twilight series have given me the hope again :) So I´m quite sure that I´ll love this book! I´ll tell you then!

Fabulous Friday Quote

I´m really trying to follow this advice in my life! It´s so empowering to be able to make my own choices and believe in them! Do you agree?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday´s Fancies #1: Fifties meet color block

Ever since I stumbled upon the lovely blog Long distance loving (written by lovely AV), I´ve been really enthousiast about her idea of Friday Fancies. I love the concept of rounding up my weekly fashion wish list, and I secretly hope that this will help me to improve my shopping organization...we´ll see!
So, here it comes, my first and fabulous Friday Fancies wish list!

This is my ultimate dream summer outfit: 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Beauty Essentials

There is something really special about the seasons´ changing. Just right now (the very short) spring switches into s eneummer and it gives me tons of new energy, ideas and inspiration! I´m constantly dreaming about the relaxed moments spent on the terrace with a glass of rose wine or a mimosa (not happening very often, unfortunately), afternoons spent by reading great books in the park (will happen, once the storms are over) and some fresh and unexpected outfit combinations.
One thing I really love about the summer is changing my beauty routines. I tend to forget to put on the foundation in the morning (however, I definitely can´t forget to put these into my purse), I stock on tons of new shades of lip gloss and I´m all about the bright or neutral nail polishes (like these). Summer beauty shopping is definitely one of my favorites! And which beauty miracles are on my wish list right now? A fresh and feminine fragrance, shimmery golden lip gloss and fabulous bright nail polishes, to name just a few of them! Do you have your summer beauty wish list? Don´t hesitate to share!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Charcoal Eyes

I know that my posting about Leighton Meester´s MTV Movie Awards look is now close to obsession (as seen here and here), but I truly think that she looked absolutely PERFECT during this major red carpet event. My last Laighton-related post (last, I promise!) will be all about her radiant and flawless makeup.
Leighton looked wery fresh and modern despite the fact that she rocked an oh-so-classic black eyeliner-nude lips combo. It´s a great proof that the classics never go out of style!
Here comes a little tutorial on how to recreate this amazing look:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Long-sleeved perfection

(Photo via InStyle US)
Ever since I saw the photo of the stunníng Leighton Meester on MTV Movie Awards, I´ve been dreaming about long-sleeved style. There´s something really appealing about the long-sleeved mini dresses, don´t you think? They´re both sexy and demure, exposing and covering. You can show off your perfectly tanned sexy legs while leaving all the rest for the imagination! Inspired by Leighton, I´ve rounded up my current favorites. I love them all, but I must admit that numbers 3 and 6 are my absolute favorites! Which is yours?

Monday, June 6, 2011

And the winner is........Fashion!!!

(Photos via InStyle US)
Due to the 8-hours time lag and the fact that I was going to work on Monday morning, I was unable to watch the MTV Movie Awards live. That´s why Twitter was the first thing I snatched for as soon as I opened my eyes this morning. And I really wasn´t disappointed! Of course, Team Twilight won big and of course I was happy for all of them! And of course I ADORED the new official trailer for the first part of the Breaking Dawn! But the thing I enjoyed the most about this soirée was all that oh-so-inspiring celebrity fashion! MTV awards are always so much more fun than, let´s say, Oscars or Cannes festival: minidresses prevail, and you can only admire that deluge of tanned legs and designer shoes! My personal style heaven :) 
And while Emma Watson, Blake Lively or Kristen Stewart looked absolutely stunning, my personal favorite is only one: beautiful and radiant Leighton Meester who rocked a fabulous long-sleeve Balmain mini and Pierre Hardy sandals. Isn´t she perfect?
Who rocked your favorite style yesteray? I can´t wait to read your comments!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wonderful little things

I´m so happy that the strawberries season is finally here! 

I´ve just spent another relaxed weekend filled with magazines reading, going out for lunch, drinking rose wine and catching up on my favorite blogs. And I couldn´t be happier! I sort of have a feeling that my following weeks will be filled with much more rush and stress, while planning my future carrer and moving to Austria! 
Even if this weekend was rather stormy and rainy most of the time, I was finally able to enjoy a few moments on our newly redone balcony, reading, doing my mani/pedi and enjoying the delicious strawberries! I hope your weekend was fabulous as well, and I wish you a very amazing week!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Style Icon: Blake Lively, the Chanel Girl

Fashion icons and stylish actresses keep emerging each and every day: sometimes they´re here to last and sometimes they just sizzle and vanish. The latter is definitely not the case for Blake Lively. She is the fashion´s rising star: beautiful, joyful and authentic as she is, she has chosen to go her own way, she doesn´t hire a stylist, and she shows her impeccable style each and every time she appears on the red carpet. And thanks to her never-faltering confidence she can pull off any look. How did she get there?
Her self-assurance seems to hold the response. She believes in herself, she believes in what she´s doing. She simply believed that it would work out for her. When given other commercial opportunities, she always replied "Thank you so much, but I am holding out for Chanel. That´s who I want to be the face of". And guess did work! Karl Lagerfelf himself has picked her to represent the Mademoiselle handbag line, talking about her as an "all American dream girl". Frankly, I DO agree, and I DO envy her fabulous and ever growing personal Chanel collection! Who wouldn´t?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Stylish Blake

The fact that Blake doesn´t hire a stylist makes me admire her flawless style even more! Impressive!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy June!

I simply can´t believe it´s already June! The time flies so fast I can hardly notice! And yet, I think this year May was the most important month so far: I turned 25, made one very important decision together with my boyfrien (moving. again. soon.) and understood that life´s not always a bliss, and sometimes you just need to learn the hard way. And each and every day, my blog and you, my dear readers, have been here, to cheer me up, to remind me of the wonderful little things around me and to make my life more fabulous. Thank you :) 
Here´s a little roundup of my favorite May posts. I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them! Have an amazing debut of summer!

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