Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Beauty: Orange flush

(Photos by Zimbio)

For me, orange has always evoked spring, flowery meadows and beautiful sunny days. And since yesterday, spring has officially arrived here in Slovakia, I can begin to really enjoy all the bold colors appropriate for this time of year.
It seems that the orange will be one of my favorite colors this season, not only in clothing but in the make-up department as well. When I stumbled upon this photo of Leighton Meester a few days ago, I was positively enchanted. The combination of smoky eyes, nude lips and bold orange blush is wonderfully fresh and a little bit surprising. The orange blush will be a great alternative to my favorite (but too classic) pink Chanel, and I can't wait to recreate this make-up on my own. This is already on its way from the Sephora :) 

Friday, March 18, 2011

From my kitchen: Orange & cocoa cake

It's no secret that I'm a huge chocolate fan. I need to have at least a tiny bit every day, otherwise my brain refuses to work properly :) Of course, it also means that I'm a sucker for any chocolate cake that passes me by. So when I stumbled upon the recipe for this great orange & chocolate cake, I knew I had to prepare it as soon as possible. 
The perfect occasion came during the weekend spent at my brother's place in Brno (in Czech republic), and the cake was as good as I had expected. The marriage of cocoa and orange flavors was just delicious, and the little pieces of chocolate that hadn't melted in the oven brought this simple cake to perfection. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

From my kitchen: Brownie hearts

Thanks to my boyfriend the Valentine's Day has been one of my favorite holidays for almost 3 years now. According to my little unofficial survey, people who hate it the most are usually single :) To be honest, I really don't care if this day came from the Americans or from the Eskimos. I simply take it as a great opportunity to tell all the people I love how important they are to me.
You may of course wonder, why I'm writing about V-day at the beginning of March. Since I couldn't be with my love on February 14, we organized our private Valentine's day last weekend. I've had this recipe bookmarked for quite some time, and the combination of chocolate and walnuts in the shape of heart was just the perfect thing for a romantic candle-lit diner.

Little things

Delicious fruit popcorn that makes me smile even at the end of the longest and the most tiring day

I love short weeks and long weekends: I always have the impression to be on holidays and I can forget the day-to-day routine, even if for a while. I made my short week even better thanks to a small shopping spree and several great finds at Bijou Brigitte. And right now I'm really happy that the days are getting longer, mornings are full of light and I hope that in just a few weeks I'll be able to get rid of my winter coat and gloves!

Cocoa dreams

I really like to connect food with souvenirs. It always brings me double joy: a great culinary experience and the pleasant memories that come back with the typical meals.
One of my friends at high school used to bring us this grated sweet cottage cheese cake. For me, it has always been connected with loads of fun, laughs and secrets shared behind the school desks. Recently I decided to remember these sweet times, and I wasn´t disappointed. Even after all those years (well, yes, I don´t like to admit it, but the time has passed so fast!!!) it tastes wonderful. It combines perfectly the softness of the cottage cheese with the sweetness of cocoa. And on the top of it, its mouthwatering smell lingered at our place for several hours.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My style: In the mood for violet

Uniqlo dress, F&F tights, New Yorker belt, Marks&Spencer necklace, vintage pumps, gifted earrings

This dress caught my eyes during my recent trip to London: not only has it just the right color and pattern, but the perfect cut as well. It looks even better with a wide belt and some chic accessories.
It will be great for long summery walks, but since I have very little patience for seasonal dressing rules, I had to pull it out immediately: complemented by patterned tights and a winter coat, this was just the perfect outfit for an afternoon spent shopping. 

My style: Sparkling

Those who know me well always say that a sparkling and colorful costume jewelry is just the perfect gift for me at any occasion. The more sparkling the better :) (I´m quite sure I was a princess in my previous life!). All my favorite pieces come from Bijou Brigitte: they're not only beautiful, but of a good quality as well (which means that they don't turn black after two weeks and they don't lose crystals at any smaller move). This is just a small part of my ever-growing collection, and I would love to know: where do you shop for pretty costume jewelry? Do you even like it, or do you prefer the "real deal"? Let me know in the comments!

From my kitchen: Pretty cupcakes

This is what happens when I have a free Sunday afternoon on hand, and a stack of plain vanilla cupcakes on the kitchen counter. I had as much fun decorating them as I had eating them afterwards :)

Little things

Sweet reward: hot chocolate from Starbucks

This whole week evolved all around the work and administrative stuff: every day can't be a holiday (unfortunately!) I'm so looking forward to the weekend (finally, I won't have to get up at 6h30!) that will be filled with shopping, recipe testing and home decoration projects. Great weekend to everybody!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Travel: London calling

Big Ben by night

London has been on my list of dream destinations for quite some time, and when my boyfriend bought us tickets for a weekend in this dynamic city, I was beside myself with joy! Those two days flied away incredibly fast, but we managed to squeeze an unbelievable amount of activities into those 48 hours: we saw all the essential monuments, made a good thing of winter sales, had a traditional afternoon tea, tried on some local culinary specialties, got drenched in the rain, bought a teddy bear that looked just like Queen's Horse Guard (with an identical furry hat!) and got lost in the underground (the one thing I learned: be prepared that the tube never works the same way two days in a row. Be prepared for anything!). I really hope that we'll be able to go back soon, as we didn't have time for one really important thing: sales at Harrod's !!!

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