Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Gift Guide: Foodie

The French have this one beautiful word for her: une gourmande. She loves to cook and bake, and her collection of cookbooks is evergrowing. She loves to taste new and unexpected combinations. She always knows the best restaurants in town, and she loves to share a bunch of excellent recipes (like that fabulous creme brulée that´s been running in her family for ages). 

This is the last installment of my Gift Guide series. I hope you liked it and that you found it helpful. Don´t forget to get inspired with my Gift Guides for Style Maven, Glitter Girl, Domestic Goddess and Beauty Queen.

Do you want to please your inner foodie? Here´s how to:

4.  Truffle Salt$27.50
5. Cuvée Laurent Brut Rosé Prestige$96.77/case of 12


  1. Yum! The mint espresso choc. beans look super good!

  2. oh WOW! These make lovely gifts!!! :D Love balsamic! Wonderful suggestions!

  3. Great tips! I know several people who fit this description, or at least aspire to :)

  4. umm...what great ideas!! I love a good jam (#2)!!


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