Thursday, November 10, 2011

Moving Day & Ikea wish list

Our moving day is finally here! It took us almost 2 months to find our new apartment in Graz, but I think it was well worth waiting! The moving company will be here soon, so my writing must be short today, but I´ve decided to share my Ikea wish list with you. Here are only a few things I need to make our new home beautiful, inviting and functional. I can´t wait to share some pics of our new chez nous, so stay tuned :)

2. Micke white desk$79.00
9. Rigga Clothes Rack$14.99


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I love Ikea. Sadly we don't have one here. =( I love that oval mirror, I would like to have that in my room.

fashion meets art said...

ikea is such a great company.
i love their pieces.

lovely greets
maren anita


L'art said...

Numbers 3 and 5 are beautiful!! said...

I simply love #7 - very "mirror, mirror on the wall"


Mustika Hayati said...

thank you for following my blog!
i follow you back :)

Iloshka Glittering said...

Nice wishlist, and everything so WHIIIIITE :)

ashley nicole catherine said...

yesss i want #7 too! and then to spray paint it white :)

Mom Fashion World said...

I am loving all the furnitures!
Good luck on the new home sweet home, darling.
I hope you can share pictures of your house :-)

Biser Sable said...

the mirror is amazing...<3

SassyUptownChic said...

I am loving that MIRROR! :D

M.E said...

Thanks for your lovely comment :)

I baked a Lemon Meringue pie too and will post pictures soon !!

Jenna said...

Ikea makes me so happy! :) I actually bought that same exact desk for my room this year and totally messed it up while attempting to assemble it by myself. My dad banned me from purchasing any Ikea furniture for a while... hahah

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