Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday´s Fancies #15: Crazy about boots

1. Tory Burch boots / 2. Alice + Olivia dress / 3. Rachel Zoe cape / 4. Kate Spade bag / 5. Chanel Lilac Sky / 6. Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose

When I discovered this week´s Friday´s Fancies theme, I had to laugh. Was Alison reading my mind? Or have we developped some kind of Friday´s Fancies connection? Because I´ve just purchased three (!!!) pairs of amazing boots, and I´ve been waiting impatiently for the temperatures to drop so I can finally show them off. And now Alison has given me the opportunity to imagine the perfect outfit styled around the...yes, boots! I just love Friday´s Fancies!

1. I´ve been catching up on The Rachel Zoe project for the past few days (and let me tell you, it´s ba-nanas!) and I´ve gradually became obsessed with the faux fur. But before I go all the way and invest in one of 
Rachel´s fabulous creations jacket, I´m taking the baby steps. Enter a pair of gorgeous faux fur-lined boots. I bought a pair that looks very much like this Tory Burch beauty, and I can tell you, I LOVE it!

2. Since the mocha boot is THE star in this ensemble, I´ve decided to create the entire outfit in the various shades of coffee. And I feel that this Alice + Olivia dress was made for me: it has just the perfect cut, the two tones complement each other beautifully and the long sleeves give it an original touch. If I could, I´d be wearing it all winter long!

3. And here comes Rachel Zoe again. I am completely smitten with her entire fall collection, and this cape is definitely among the top 5 on my fall sartorial wish list. It is so polished and chic, yet it still manages to have this wonderful relaxed feel that invites you to curl up in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot coffee. I´m in love. 

4. This is exactly what´s missing in my handbag collection: a neutral-colored, structured and quilted bag that would look just as amazing at a business meeting as on the night out. Per-fection! 

5. As much as I love all those neutral tones, I feel like this ensemble miss a little pop of color. Enter Chanel, of course. I grabbed this polish on a moment´s notice in the duty free, and ever since I´ve been marveling over the beautiful lilac shade. 

6. I´ve never been the one to use only one perfume. I like to switch them according to my mood and my outfit, that´s why my perfume garden keeps growing and growing. And I already have an eye on this beauty: the harmony of honey, raspberries and roses epitomizes the essence of feminity, and that, my friends, is all I´m asking for :) 

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  1. The dress!!!! I want it so bad I think I may have to learn guitar just so I can play on the street to earn enough cash for that gorgeous frock.

  2. I love your picks! My fave are 3,4 and 6 :)

  3. awhhhh, this is like the dream fall outfit! IN LOVE! :)

    Happy Friday!


    Fashion Fractions

  4. capes are totally in this season. xoxo

  5. love this outfit Ivana!! gorgeous boots and that cape is to die for! love the nail color too - so pretty.

  6. What a fabulous outfit girl! Happy Friday!

  7. I love the A&O dress!


  8. I love what you picked! Especially number 3 and 4!

  9. Love the Rachel Zoe Cape.
    Hapy fRIDAY

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    ASOS Giveaway

  10. I want a cape!...and that dress...and the bag...OK all of it :)

  11. we're reading each other's big thing ;) so jealous of all your boot purchases! beyond grateful to have you as a Friday's Fancies faithful! have such a good weekend--and I'll "see" you next Friday! xoxo {av}

  12. Hello Ivana, it´s been a while I haven´t visited your blog! As I can see it changed a little bit, It id very cute! About your post.... I also like having a lot of different kind of perfumes, as I can change them according to my mood, but all of them have one same thing : they are sweet. I like the sweet ones :) now my fave is Ninna Ricci, Pink paradise (or smth like that) ... Well... I wish you a nice weekend... see ya!!

  13. Good choices!

  14. I die over Rachel Zoe's collections as well! And the Maryanne Kate Spade bags are so good. They have the classic look and appeal of Chanel sans the outrageous price.


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