Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wonderful little things

Two new vintage-like hair clips, perfect for braided hair.

After seriously disastrous last weekend, I´ve decided to dedicate much more time to enjoying beautiful little things in my life. Being happy sometimes requires too much energy, but I promise you, it´s worth it!
After a very very long time I got to spend an entire day with my best friend. We were sipping martinis and catching up on our lives, and it felt wonderful! On Thursday I hit the mall for some end-of-sales shopping, and I was more than pleasantly surprised: I scored some amazing bargains and wenthome with a bunch of perfect tops and a few new additions to my costume jewelry collection. And I can´t remember a week when I was reading this much: I started to read Hunger Games on Tuesday (I was on a train and I almost missed my stop!) and couldn´t put my Nook down ever since. It´s such an amazing, gripping story! Sometimes terrifying, sometimes full of hope...I´m sure I´ll have finished the third book by tonight!
Here are few more things that made my week more beautiful:

Everything´s perfect about these shoes: the color, the heel, the chain, the braided details...I´m in love!

I´ve been sipping this mint-and-lemon infused water to get some extra energy, and guess what. It works! And 
it´s really delicious!

A stack of colorful bangles that liven up the rainy days.

Candy full of vitamin C? I´m in! :) 


  1. Hi, you've got such a cute blogs. I love your sandals- very sexy, edgy and definitely wearable (i love stylish shoes with low heels). And i like your idea with the lemon and mint water- sounds very refreshing! Thanks for the post :)

  2. I love these candy but I can't find them in France. The water with infused lemon is so great ! It's very refreshing and esthetic ! Check out :

  3. Ooh- Vitamin C candy! That sounds perfect and guilt-free. I need to find myself some of that!!

    That water looks absolutely refreshing.

    And I just read the first book of "The Hunger Games" yesterday!! While I found the novel incredibly captivating, I don't think I'll be reading the other two... They're a bit too dark for me (which is odd considering how much I love Harry Potter, and that saga definitely gets dark!). I did make the mistake of reading all night until bed so I had some terrible nightmares!! Lesson learned lol

  4. i just love those hairclips! so classy! & i love the mint and lemon water! i personally use cucumber infused water for a refreshing energetic feel! :)

  5. That water looks sooooooo refreshing!

  6. Amei esses braceletes , perfeitos!!!
    Bjs Patrícia Jorge.

  7. LOVE the bracelets!! I'm so into chunky bracelets right now!


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