Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Inspiration: Jewel tones for fall

(Photos via Harper´s Bazaar US)

Summer isn´t quite over yet and I´m already musing over fall fashion. Between the black-on-black trend, colorful leather and fur vests, I´m quite sure that the designers were thinking of me while preparing the fall 2011 collections :)
But the trend that always makes my fashion heart go racing is the one including jewel tones. What´s best for fall / winter season than these rich and vibrant shades of emerald, amethyst, ruby and gold? Just looking at these photos makes me want to go shopping immediately :) 


  1. I love colors and I actually have some these beautiful colors in my wardrobe.

    Lovely post, Ivana. The dresses are so gorgeous!

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  2. absolutely wonderful! you’ve got a gorgeous blog, and i’m so glad i’ve stumbled across it for my first time! i hope you’ll come visit COSMICaroline for a Nashville-based source of inspiration for fashion, music, and art! keep up the awesome work!


  3. beautiful photos and beautiful colors!! i love all those colors too

  4. WOW the pics are amazing!!!!!!
    such great colours!!!



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