Allow the motorcycle and log out

The purchase contract is signed and the bike is yours. What is missing now is your admission and the deregistration of the previous owner. When dealing with the authorities a lot has to be considered. Buyers and sellers must make sure that the bike is correctly rebooked. Many want to deregister their two-wheeler in the winter period. How this is done best, we explain in the guide.

Which documents and documents are required?

Even experienced motorcyclists like to forget what they need to get their motorcycle registered, rebooked or canceled. Often, the last visit to the Admissions Office is a long time ago. During this time, the information is not only forgotten, sometimes the legal guidelines have also changed . For this reason, it should be checked again carefully before every registration or re-registration if all required documents have been selected. Those who have not allowed a motorcycle for a long time will perhaps even speak of the “double card”. It served to prove the existing motor vehicle liability insurance upon registration . The double card was replaced in 2002 by the insurance confirmation in electrical form (eVB).

The conversion has advantages for the vehicle owner in the first place. The electronic procedure saves time. The confirmation code for the existing insurance contract is often transmitted at short notice by e-mail, SMS on the phone or by phone. After that, it can quickly go to the Admissions Office. If the other documents are available, the approval of the motorcycle is done relatively quickly. With the eVB number, the registration office accesses the central database of German motor vehicle insurers . In this way, the authority immediately receives all required insurance information.

You should pay attention with tax debts , these can be a registration obstacle. The admissions authority can insist that you first pay your debts to the tax office. Many authorities also require the consent of the applicant to the direct debit procedure , so that motorcycle registration can take place.

One thing must not be missing in the registration: The papers, formerly the vehicle registration and vehicle registration , must go to the registration office. As part of a Europe-wide standardization, the system was converted to the so-called registration certificates I and II . When registering or re-registering older motorcycles, the new document formats are created automatically, without the need for a separate application.

When motorcycling approval is always spoken by the vehicle owner. For a good reason: If you own a motorcycle, you do not necessarily have to have a driving license for it. You may take out an insurance policy for a motorcycle without a license . As is the case with any official agency, a valid identity card or passport is required for motorcycle registration so that you can prove your identity.

The different motorcycle registrations

Depending on whether your motorcycle is new or already registered, other documents are required. For this reason, different types of motorcycle registrations are distinguished.

New registrations of motorcycles

In the case of new vehicles, holders for motorcycle registration must additionally provide proof of possession. In addition, the Admissions Office would like to see the type certificate or the so-called examination report . Anyone wishing to register a vehicle from abroad must also submit a safety document from the competent customs office.

Motorcycles for trade and associations

If a motorcycle is to be used commercially or for a club, the registration office requires appropriate excerpts from the company or club register . In the case of leased vehicles, an additional declaration of use must be obtained from the respective leasing provider.

Log on used motorcycle

In addition to the documents and documents mentioned above, when registering old motorcycles, the most recent test report is submitted for the necessary exhaust and functional tests. The legislator tolerates four months of validity overrun, starting from the respective due date.

Registration on behalf

Sometimes motorcyclists simply lack the time to allow the vehicle. Anyone who has a friendly friend or relative who can take over the registration work must issue this two authorizations . A power of attorney confirms that the application is actually made on behalf; the other refers to approval for direct debit (direct debit).

In addition to the documents and documents required, additional factors may play an important role: Anyone who has logged off his machine for more than 10 years must complete a TÜV inspection before the motorcycle is registered. In the case of vehicles from abroad, an additional declaration of non-objection by the customs office is required.

Overview: What to bring?

  • Identity card or passport with current confirmation of registration of the vehicle owner
  • Electronic insurance confirmation (eVB number)
  • Approval Certificate I and II
  • SEPA direct debit mandate to collect the vehicle tax (forms are available on admission and online)
  • Still existing license plates, proof of valid main inspection (HU)

Also, depending on the type of motorcycle registration:

  • Proof of EC type-approval by EC Certificate of Conformity / CoC or individual report
  • Excerpts from the association or company register
  • Declaration on the use of the leasing partner
  • Current test report on exhaust and functional tests
  • Authorizations to register on behalf

Allow Motorcycle: What are the costs?

Some motorcycle owners are amazed at how much they have to pay to register, cancel or change their registration. For an ordinary motorcycle license, including the signs are already 100 € payable. The admission fees are regulated nationwide .

cost type
Costs (Euro)
New approval ABE 1 or K (with general operating permit) 26,30
New approval ABE 2 or A (with general operating permit and technology) 36,50
New approval ABE 3 or E (with general operating permit and technology) 41,60
Re-registration, if registration certificates I and II are available 11.40
Exchange of old registration certificates into new ones 8.70
Allocation of a new license plate 26.10
Vanity Plate 10 to 20
Unsubscribe from your own district 5.60
Cancellation from other registration districts 10.70
Change of address within the district 10.70
Re-approval of the same holder 11.40
Technical changes 11.40
holders information 5.10
Kurzzeitkennzeichen 10.70
name change 10.70
Seasonal license plates 26,80
Exchange of vehicle registration certificate in registration certificate Part II for new registration 5.10
Exchange of vehicle registration certificate in certificate of approval Part II in all other cases 8.70
Cost of producing the license plate (depending on the provider) 8 to 40

Re-register special features of the motorcycle

Anyone wishing to re-register a motorcycle has usually purchased a vehicle that was previously owned by another owner. Therefore, the new owner must re-register it with the registration authority in his name .

In general, when buying and thus before the re-registration: First, the vehicle documents of the previous owner should be checked: The vehicle identification number on the vehicle should match the number in the vehicle documents. All keys must be present and it should be checked if all parts are original. Important conversions must be documented in the vehicle documents.

When the purchase is completed, the motorcycle must be rescheduled first. It is not allowed to drive without registration. The first step on the way to the re-registration is that you get an eVB number from your insurance company. With it as well as with your further documents and documents against you afterwards to the admission authority and announce the motorcycle in your name. The still registered on the previous owner motorcycle is automatically logged off and then approved for you.

Log off motorbike: This is to be considered

Who no longer uses his motorcycle should log it off. As a result, the contributions for the liability insurance can be saved . For many bikers, but also worth the cancellation for a certain period . After that, the motorcycle must be registered again to use it on public roads.

To deregister the motorcycle, the license plate must be removed. With the vehicle documents and the license plate you go – if necessary after prior appointment – to the registration office, which is responsible for your residence. Inform the clerk that you want to deregister your motorcycle. He will ask you if this is a permanent or temporary cancellation .

A final deregistration is cheaper, but it makes the renewed motorcycle approval. Anyone who would like to restart their motorcycle at some point should therefore opt for a temporary deregistration.

In the next step, you must remove the registration stamp and the TÜV sticker with a scraper . You provide this indicator again to the administrator and receive a confirmation of cancellation after payment of the applicable fees.

An alternative to logging out and re-registration is the seasonal license plate . This can be exactly the period set in which the motorcycle is to be driven – This saves you time and money for the re-registration.

Log off the motorcycle at the insurance company

Due to the electronic procedure, insured persons no longer have to cancel their liability insurance for the motorcycle with the insurance company. After the deregistration with the admission authority this happens automatically . However, it usually takes a few days or weeks for a letter to be sent out by the insurance company. Insured persons can accelerate this process by going directly to the insurance with the deregistration from the registration office. Thus the insurance contract can be terminated immediately.